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How To Retrain an Ex-Racehorse


Ex-racehorses are unique, and present different challenges when it comes to retraining. They’re incredible athletes, and while they’re quickly gaining popularity among riders, ex-racehorses aren’t for everyone. To successfully work with an ex-racehorse, you need to understand their unique mentality. Here are some things to think…


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What to Look for When Buying Horse Stalls


The horse stalls that you use in your barn are trusted with keeping your horse enclosed and safe. That’s a big order, especially when it’s your personal horse who will be housed by the stall. Not all horse stalls are made the same, and there are some important points you should use to evaluate horse stalls.

Design and Overall…


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Design Tips for Your Horse Barn's Aisle


You and your horses spend a lot of time in and walking up and down your barn aisle. Constructed improperly, barn aisles can be a potential safety hazard. When you’re planning your barn aisle, consider the following tips to help keep both you and your horses safe.

Build Wide



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Scams to Avoid in the Horse World


If you are involved in the horse world, eventually you will make some pretty big purchases and sales. Horses, saddles, tack… they all go for hefty amounts of money. And while most of those purchases and sales will go fine, there are, unfortunately, some common scams that circulate in the horse world that you should be aware of. Here are a few of the most common.



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Tips to Make Your Horse Trailer More Visible

man, horses and trailer

When you’re hitting the road with your horses, the more visible your horse trailer is the better chance you have of standing out to other drivers and potentially avoiding an accident. There are a number of ways you can help to make your horse trailer more visible. These tips will get you started.

Choose a…


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How To Consign a Sale Horse

portrait of beautiful woman feeding brown horse from hand

Selling a horse can be a bit of a headache. Between marketing the horse and dealing with no-show potential buyers, selling a horse takes some serious time. But have you ever thought about consigning your sale horse? Consigning a horse removes much of the…


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4 Tips for Buying a Saddle Online

Saddle Center Path Horse Paddack Equestrian Stable

When it comes to saddle shopping, many of the great deals on used saddles seem to be online. While you can successfully buy a saddle online, there is some important information that you need to know. Before you start saddle shopping, think about the following if you’re going to go the online…


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How to Maximize Ventilation When Planning Your Barn

Good ventilation in your barn is so important for your horses’ health. With poor ventilation, mold, dust, and even manure bits can accumulate in the air that your horses breathe in. Good ventilation can help to minimize respiratory issues, keeping your horses healthier and able to improve at their full athletic capacity.

When you’re planning your barn, …


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The 6 Best Horse Racing Movies

Triple Crown season has begun, and horse racing is in the air. Whether you're planning to watch this year's Triple Crown races or not, you can still get in on the action in some of the greatest horse racing movies.


There's simply no beating the 2003 movie which chronicles underdog…


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Preparing to Build Your Horse Barn

Building the horse barn of your dreams is a big project, and to do it right, you want to make sure that you’ve planned properly. Barn building isn’t a project that you want to get deep into, only to discover new challenges or obstacles. Before you start building your barn, make sure that you’ve done the following preparation.

Check Zoning Laws

It can’t be stressed enough – check and double-check your local zoning laws before planning your…


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Tips for Marketing Your Sale Horse

horse nature

Selling a horse can take time, but the more effectively you market your sale horse, the better your chance of finding your horse a new home quickly. These techniques can help you to market your sale horse more effectively.

Take Quality Sale Photos and Videos

Sale photos and…


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4 Barn Purchases Worth the Splurge

4 Barn Purchases Worth the Splurge

When building your barn, it can be tempting to splurge in your purchases. We’d all love a luxurious barn filled with energy-saving efficient designs and accessories, but that’s not always an affordable option. When deciding where to splurge on your barn versus where to save your money, think about which investments will…


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How Many Acres Do You Need for Your Barn?


Before you start planning out your horse barn, it’s important to make sure that the property you will be building on has enough acreage to successfully support the barn’s daily operations. When housing horses, how much land is too little, and how much is just enough? Consider these points before building your barn.

Look into Zoning…


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Tips to Help the Ring Sour Horse

Riding a ring sour horse doesn’t make for the most enjoyable time. Unfortunately, being ring sour is a problem that affects many horses, especially those in serious training. Want to improve your horse’s ring sour behavior? Here’s how.

Understanding Why a Horse is Ring Sour

Most horses become ring sour out of boredom. If you have been riding your…


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How To Build Your Horse's Topline

How To Build Your Horse's Topline

Building a strong topline in your horse ensures that he can carry himself properly and comfortably. It also results in an improved conformation, and can make a big difference in the show ring. When your horse’s topline is properly developed, the change should be gradual. These tips will help you develop your horse’s topline correctly.

Work in…


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Should You Replace Your Barn Doors?

Barn doors, while built to be strong, are not meant to last forever. Years of use and wear can leave your barn doors weakened and ineffective. Winter snow and ice can crack and warp barn doors, while years of moisture and rain can cause wood to rot and weaken. At the very least, your barn doors probably need a new coat of paint. At the worst, they may need to be replaced…


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Top 10 Greatest Things About the Kentucky Derby

Horse Race Starting Gate Stall

Can you believe it? The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner. The Derby is one of the major icons of horse racing, and it unites horse lovers with those who come out for the festivities of the huge event. Here’s what we love about Kentucky Derby day.

The Potential for a Triple Crown Champion The Kentucky Derby winner stands poised to make history…


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