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Signs That You're Ready to Build Your Own Barn


Building a horse barn of your own is a big decision. There’s lots of planning and research that needs to go into your barn in order to ensure that you get the barn of your dreams. Have you been thinking about building a horse barn of your own? These points can help you determine if you’re ready to move forward with the project.

You’ve Looked…


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How to Keep the Horse Smell Out of Your Home


While many of us don’t mind the smell of horse at all and would even welcome it into our homes, our other family members might not feel the same way. Keeping the horse smell from permeating your home can be a bit of a challenge, but with a little planning, you can minimize how much l’eau de horse enters your home.

Have a Designated “Horse”…


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4 Tips for Taking Good Horse Show Pictures

dressage hors

Horse show season is in full swing, but capturing great photos of friends at a show is a challenge. These tips can help you take great photos of horses and riders in a show setting.

Get Space Ringside Early

Just where you position yourself in relation to the competition ring will have a big effect on how your photos come out.…


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Tips for Designing an Ideal Grooming Stall

Are you planning to include a grooming stall in your barn? Grooming stalls are great to have, since they can keep horses out of busy barn aisles, but a grooming stall is only as good as the planning that goes into it. Consider the following when planning your grooming stall.

Find the Right Location

If possible, try to locate the grooming…


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The Hidden Costs of the Free Horse


We've all seen them – horses being offered up as free to a good home. It can be so tempting to bring them home to the barn, but oftentimes free horses are actually quite expensive. Here's why.

Underlying Issues

Oftentimes horses which are being given away for free have significant physical or behavioral issues. If the owner is…


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Battling Sweet Itch

brown horse attacked by flies

Midges. These tiny little biting flies are pests to both human and horse in the spring, summer, and early fall. But these flies can be more than just pesky – they are actually the source of an equine condition called Sweet Itch.

What Is Sweet Itch?

Sweet Itch is an overreaction of your horse’s immune system to the…


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4 Quick Fixes to Make You a Better Rider

two woman jockeys doing training in riding hall

We all know that horseback riding takes hard work, dedication, and many hours in the saddle, but these simple quick fixes can help to make you a better rider. Try these solutions to common riding problems and see how they work for you.

Hold a Crop Across Your Hands

If you have a…


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The Biggest Mistakes Horse Owners Make When Building a Barn


If you’re planning on building a horse barn, then you want to make sure that you do it right. Before you start building your barn, take a look at these common barn building mistakes so that you can be sure to avoid them.

Opting for Cheaper Stalls

In an attempt to save money, barn owners may choose to buy cheaper, lesser quality stalls to put into their…


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The Many Uses for Stall Mats


Have you heard? Stall mats aren’t just for stalls anymore. These versatile mats can serve countless purposes in your barn. The next time you’re ordering stall mats, you may want to buy some extras to have on hand for these many uses.

Protect Stall Walls From a Stall Kicker

Stall kicking is a nasty habit that can take a toll…


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Traits to Look for in a Good Barn Manager

Red Barn and White Fence

Your barn manager is entrusted with the care of all of the horses in your barn – a big responsibility. Finding a good barn manager can be a challenge, since the position demands a variety of specialized skills. When you’re looking for a barn manager, try to find someone who has the following…


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Reasons Why Horses Make the Best Best Friends

Portrait of a young girl with a white pony

Everyone needs a best friend, but equestrians are lucky – we have some of the best best friends in the world. In honor of National Best Friends Day, here are the top reasons why horses make the best best friends.

Horses Are Excellent Shoulders to Lean On

When it comes to needing a shoulder to lean on, horses…


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Easy Ways You Can Refresh Your Jumps

Closeup white obstacle with red flag for jumping horses. Riding competition.

Are your horse jumps looking a little tired and weathered? Jumps take quite a beating, and without regular care, their appearance can quickly deteriorate. If you’d like to put a little life back into your jumps, we’ve come up with some great ways that you can refresh your jumps.

Sand and Paint

One of the simplest ways…


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Summertime Barn To-Do List

horse nature

Summer is upon us, and so is the busiest time of year for many riders. Horse shows, clinics, and trail rides take up much of our day, but there are still important barn chores that need to be done. Here’s a quick to-do list to help you start off summer right.

Scrub Water Troughs

Have you…


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