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Snowy Ride with Cole

Snowy Ride with Cole


I have been working with Cole in the arena with much determination to train him to be an awesome horse.  Well, the other day, I decided I am getting a little off track.  I have been neglectful of his trail training.  The real reason isn’t my goals in the arena.  The real reason is the weather and dark evenings.



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Another fun night in the arena

I started my session with Cole, last night, with lounging.  I am trying to teach him the verbal command for canter.  Last year, we avoided the canter because of all the bucking, bolting and rearing I was getting.  This year, I just really want to get him to canter.  Well, after all the bucking, bolting and rearing, he settled down enough to get clickable transitions.  I don’t think he is getting the word, quite yet, but we are doing better.  If he is in one of his power trots, he has a hard…


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Evening Arena Work

Cole was doing his dance as soon as I got him in the arena.  We practiced it as I led him around, but then it was time to work.  My goal was to further strengthen his corners.  You see, on one end of the arena, there are no walls.  There is the viewing room, the shavings pile, the barn exit and none of it is in a direct line.  We have to make the corners on our own.  I suppose he wasn’t doing them well, all along, but when I started to practice laterals, he tried all kinds of things on those…


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Cole Train's Dance Improves

I practiced Cole Train’s dance moves on Friday, and he was getting very consistent with higher steps.  I wanted to show my sister when she came out on Saturday.  She was very impressed, and of course he made her laugh.  Sunday, he started doing it when I led him into the indoor arena!  Yes, Cole likes this game.  I did some clicking with him for the dancing, then mounted to ride.  My sister was there, again, and to stay warm, she suggested she walk with us as we warmed up at the walk.  Even…


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Cole Train is One Step Closer to Becoming a Circus Pony

Cole Train is One Step Closer to Becoming a Circus Pony


Cole and I started out very poorly on our ride, last night.  We entered the indoor arena, and the horse that was being ridden at the time became very spooky.  Cole picked up on it, and he decided to buck and play as I was leading him.  Well, this made our companion’s horse even worse.  The rider became insecure and left to get a…


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Fun with Clicking

I had the arena to myself for my ride with Cole, last night.  He was in a particularly good mood—I think it was the chilly weather.  We started with just trotting around to warm up, but it didn’t take long before I started our latest project—leg yield at a trot.  He used to do it at a walk, but it turned into the most perfect side pass.  Cole now loves to side pass all the time.  About a month ago, we spent a week or so on turn on the haunches, and he loves that, too.  Consequently, he is…


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