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Bella learns the hill

I planned to meet my new friend, Shari, to go for a trail ride.  We rode together about a month ago, and our horses did so well together, we wanted to try it again.  She keeps her horse a short distance down the street.


She has a chestnut National Show Horse named Bella, and she is simply beautiful, but she can be a handful.  We rode down the hill and got a good look at the river—it was too high to cross on a pony, and she didn’t mind just riding on the hill.  I told her how…


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A Rainy Evening with the Horses

Kevin and I were going to go for a ride.  I saddled up and went outside to wait for him.  Before he even got out, it started to drizzle, and he wimped out on me.  Cole and I left by ourselves.


As I’ve mentioned before, Cole hates rain as much as Kevin.  It was a light rain and a warm evening, so it didn’t bother me at all.  Each time I have ridden Cole in the…


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Clicker and MerryLegs


MerryLegs was only here for 2 days when we introduced him to clicker training.  I had a pocket full of carrot slivers and a ball to use as a target.  His indoctrination was the standard procedure—except none of us had a clicker with us.  Ellen and I both switched our horses to a tongue click, long ago.  I didn’t want to wait until I remembered to bring a…


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Hello MerryLegs

Hello MerryLegs


MerryLegs showed up in Cleveland last Thursday after a long journey from Manitoba, Canada.  Not surprisingly, he was a little keyed up the first few days.  I planned to just give him time to settle in and for me to get to know him.  Friday evening, I took him for a walk to the round pen.  He had to pass the outdoor arena where…


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He Arrives

He Arrives


We thought he would be here on Tuesday, but that was changed to Wednesday because a Canadian holiday messed up their schedule.  Then, they called me and said it have to be Thursday.  There was another horse that they were shipping whose papers to get across the border expired, and they had to be renewed.  So, when Thursday arrived, I was expecting a phone call saying it would be Friday.  Well, I got the phone call, but this time they said he would be there between…


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He's on his way

And so, I wait.


MerryLegs is on his way, and the shipper is going to call me when he crosses the state line.  I have marshalled all the forces, and they are all waiting for the call.  This is one exciting event.


Yesterday, Kevin put a note on the bulletin board for everyone to say “hello” to MerryLegs.  Of course, there was no MerryLegs, but Kevin put an old toy horse in the stall, instead.  He tricked everyone—they loved it, but probably not as much as they…


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