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Fun weekend with horses

We had a nice, horse weekend.  The river wasn’t crossable, but our younger niece came out, and she made it fun for us.  I started out riding Cole in the arena.  He had a lackluster day.  I then let my niece take him down the hill to the river.  He was pretty good for her, and she is getting used to his bouncy walk down hills.  When we got to the bottom, we let her trot on the flat part a bunch of times.  Cole has a normal trail trot, and she was posting is beautifully.  (She can’t manage his…


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Farrier Night

Last night was farrier night.  my sister and I come out to the barn after work.  Sometimes, the farrier gets there before us because he does another horse at our stables.  When he finishes, he starts Cruise and Ranger.  He waits for me to do Cole so I could help with holding him.


When I got there, my sister was talking to him and there were no horses in the crossties.  I was surprised and wondered what was going on.  My sister said that they started Cole, and he was so bad…


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Evening Rides

There was only a little daylight after work and the river was too high to cross, again.  I rode Cruiser up and down the hill three times.  He was quite energetic, and even did some gaiting up the hill.  (Cruiser has standard gaits, but he also does a stepping pace when he is excited.  He can get quite fast.  He must have gotten it from his Morgan side, as there are gaited Morgans.)  When we got back to the barn, it started to rain, lightly.  Perfect timing.  It rained the rest of the…


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Steady Trotting Home

Steady Trotting Home


The trails by our barn do not form any sort of loop. Basically, we ride out to our desired distance, turn around and come back. There are a few tiny loops, but they join the main trail, so the horses get that definite feeling that they are headed home. 


Most horses will travel faster on the way home than on the way out—that is a given. Horses like to be home where their friends are. This doesn’t happen if we are riding Cruiser and Ranger…


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Another rainy 4-day weekend

Yes, another rained out long weekend for my sister and me…


Thursday, the river was too high.  We rode Cruiser and Ranger up and down the hill 3 times.  I worked with Cole in the arena, and we had fun.  My sister rode him for a little bit, and it was nice because then I could watch him.  He is quite a sight.  I then led him down to the river as a reward.


Friday, the river was still way to high to cross.  This time, we rode Cruiser and Ranger in the arena, too,…


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My Introduction

I have finally gotten around to writing an introduction to myself.  I am an avid trail rider (which is the same thing as hacking.)  I live over here in the US in Cleveland, OH.  It is a pretty good-sized urban area, and we are lucky enough to have a terrific trail system running right through it.  We share the trails with lots of different users, so our horses have to be very tolerant.  We also ride close to the roads, so they have to be good with traffic, too.


I have 2…


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Evening Rides

It was a lovely night for riding, yesterday.  My boyfriend got in the saddle before I got there—I got caught in traffic.  I saddled up Cruiser, and away we went to meet his buddy Starry.  Cruiser knew the game, and as usual, I had to keep slowing him down.  We met them about 20 minutes later, and I talked my boyfriend into turning around and continuing with us until the next river crossing.  it was such a pretty night, that it didn’t take much coaxing.  Even his horse didn’t mind turning…


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Yet Another Long, Rainy Weekend

A long weekend for us, at least this year, means rain.

   The weather was great on Thursday.  My sister and I planned to go on our favorite ride with Cole and Ranger up to the show ring.10 minutes down the trail, we had to turn around.  The electric company was trimming the trees under the wires by the trail.  To make matters worse, the trail that we would take to get away from them goes out to the street by a bridge—and there were construction workers repairing it.  They were…


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Second Big Ride

On Monday afternoon, I saw what the weather forecast looked like, I wasn’t too busy at work, so I decided to take yesterday off.  What a great decision.  The weather was perfect for trail riding. 

   My sister works second shift and usually rides in the mornings.  I took Cruiser with her and Ranger for a short ride.  She was really happy to have the company.

   When we got back, she went to work and I saddled up Cole.  We were going to go on our second long solo ride.  Unlike…


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A sunny weekend with lotsof trail riding

Finally!  A sunny weekend!  I rode on trail, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was awesome.


Friday was just a quick trail ride on Cruiser before sunset.  I then rode Cole in the arena.  I am so glad I am going to start feeding on Friday evenings next month.  We are supposed to feed at 8:00, and the feeder fed at 6:45.  It is just hay, so I let Cole eat while I cleaned our stalls.  When I was done, I took him in the arena.  Wow, was he crabby.  He kept trying to go to the gate,…


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The Big Ride

The Big Ride


Last month, I was so frustrated with the weather.  Only once, near the beginning of the month, I was able to ride Cole with Ellen on Ranger past the big river.  From then on, even though we took vacation time, we never had another chance to repeat the ride.  I wanted to do it a couple more times with Ranger before I tried it on my own.  It just didn’t work out the way I…


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The Big River

The Big River


Before Cruiser and Ranger entered their senior years, every Saturday and Sunday, we took them on our favorite long ride.  It was fast paced and fun.  Usually, we would ride about two and a half hours or so.  Sometimes, we would go a little further, too. 


Due to their age, some years ago, we…


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