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Riding Therapy

I worked both horses in the arena, last night. Cruiser is being consistent and each ride he’s improving slightly. At this rate, he will be 30 years old by the time I get him where I want him. We worked mostly on straightness. He has been bending to the right when going to the left. This never used to be so prominent, so I think that some of it might be the stiffness of old age. If Cole had the same problem, I would know it was more me than Cruiser. We added small circles to the right to our…


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The Best Trail Riding Month of the Summer—November

The Best Trail Riding Month of the Summer—November

After a record amount of precipitation this year, where we were rained out weekend after weekend, vacation after vacation, we finally had a good month for riding. Usually November is a crummy trail riding month. What a treat it was. Ellen and I even had vacation time that we were able to get out and cross the river.

I was able to put on a lot of miles with Cole. Much of it was with Ranger. He is behaving beautifully with…


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Quick update from Cleveland

In the interest of using my vacation time up before the end of the year, I took another 4-day weekend off with my sister.  We had icy cold weather, very hot weather and weather in between—but what we didn’t have was rain.  We were able to cross the river on all 4 days.  It was great to ride so much.  The horses were good, for the most part.  Cole did get a little funny towards the end of the ride, Sunday, but that is all.  I think he was remembering the day before when his lunch was in his…


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Evening at the stables

Wow, what a storm yesterday evening.  I am sure glad I have an indoor arena to work in when the weather is crummy. 


Cole was uninspired.  I have noticed this happens on very warm days when he has a full winter coat like last night.  Consequently, we changed our plans to a slower ride.  I don’t believe in fighting if I can avoid it.  We perfected Turn on the Haunches in his good direction and improved it quite a bit in his not-quite-as-good direction.  I can’t believe how easy…


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It was a lovely weekend here in Ohio.  Friday evening, I rode both my horses in the arena.  Nobody was at the stables, so I didn’t have to share the arena.  Cruiser seemed a little more settled down, and he continues to act normal.  Cole did a perfect turn on the haunches on the first request.  Not bad for never having done it, before.  The other direction didn’t go as well, but that’s how things always are with horses.


Saturday, my niece came out to ride with us.  She rode…


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Cruiser in the Arena

Cruiser in the Arena


I write so much about Cole, I thought it was time to tell everyone my plans with Cruiser over the winter.  First off, he pretty much stays inside in the indoor arena the whole time.  I don’t trust him on ice.  He has always been quick to panic on it, so the smallest amount of ice will keep me away.  Also, he keeps his shoes over the winter for support for his…


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A Day Off for Riding

My sister and I took Tuesday off to ride, and what a pretty day it was.  The temps were warm and it was sunny.  First, we took Cruise and Ranger out on a 1.5 hour ride with a lot of walking so we could talk and just enjoy the day. 

   When I got back, I took Cole out on the same ride, but as always, when I take Cole out, it is a training ride.  He actually was a little balky at the beginning of the ride, and I had to tap him with the whip to explain that stopping wasn’t an option.  He…


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The Benefits of Clicker Training

I was riding Cole in the arena the other night, and a really nice boarder at our barn brought her horse in to lounge.  She has a sweet Paint mare, that I have never seen truly misbehave, but her owner is afraid to ride her.  She needs to lounge her a lot before she will ride her, and with her busy work schedule, she usually doesn’t have the time to both lounge and ride.  As we all know, fear isn’t logical, and it certainly isn’t in this case. 


I thought that demonstration of…


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Perfect Fall Weather for Trail Riding

What a perfectly pretty November weekend in northeast Ohio.  Of course, you could find me out on the trail with my Morabs.  I love this weather.

 Friday, I took my very last evening trail ride of the year.  The time changed this weekend, and I no longer have the daylight to ride on the trail.  Anyway, Cruiser made it a good one.  He was energetic and silly.  What else would I expect from him on a cool evening…?  I rode Cole in the arena, and he wasn’t too keen on working.  Before the…


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A day off to ride

I took yesterday off from work because they were forecasting perfect weather—and they were right.


Cole and I went on a 2:37 hour ride. He wasn’t quite as good as last time—he went through a balky stage, tossed in some squeals and spins during the ride, and it took a little more work to settle down his trot towards home. We did canter 4 times for short distances, and that was really nice. He didn’t do the mad gallop that I have gotten in the past, but an actual canter. After…


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Halloween Rides

I took Cruiser on a quick trail ride before sunset, and we didn’t see a soul—not even the headless horseman.  It was a cool and pretty evening.  There are still some leaves on the trees, and they were very vibrant in the dimming light of the evening.  Next weekend, the time changes, and there will be no more trail rides after work.  I sure will miss them.


I then rode Cole in the arena.  I had the place all to myself.  We worked on a little of this and a little of that. I…


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