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BHS Exam Case Study: Alice training towards BHS Stage 4. Planning to take the exam in the next 12 months.

19th FEBRUARY 2011

Pic: Alice

One of the riders I started teaching this year has bravely agreed to be a Case Study for the Academy's BHS Programme :) Alice… Continue

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Aspire Academy's Norway Adventures Part 2: The Training


Once every rider had ridden on Friday we all met up in the Clubhouse to watch the videos and discuss the performances. We also got some yummy pizza delivered that was the size of tables and I haven't seen such large servings ever! It was really tasty too :)

Initially we were just going to have a quick glance at the videos and have a proper video analysis session on Saturday but everybody was so eager to learn and find out what they… Continue

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Aspire Academy's first International training experience! Part 1

Part 1: Tell how to fix things or tell where are the tools to fix things?


Ok, I hope you guys have a large cup of tea or coffee handy as this is going to be a long post! Kari and I are back from the most amazing and probably most difficult training encounters we've organised to date. It was both mentally and physically very tiring but I only really experienced the true extend of my exhaustion once I arrived home. Throughout…


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Equestrian Social Media Awards - Aspire Equestrian Academy through to the Final!

I have a few news stories to pass to you all and I decided to just write separate posts for each :)

The first to go is a fabulous news for my little Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy!

Thanks to everybody who nominated the Aspire Equestrian Academy for this Award we are now though to the Finals :)

Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMA) is a brainchild of Rhea Freeman and… Continue

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Update on Kingsley's Barefoot Rehab

Kingsley continues to get better and better! Pauline will visit him this weekend so there will be much more footage to come. For now, the lateral view of his limb placement.

Have a look at Nic's write up about his rehab HERE. She does say that the improvement is much clearer when evaluated on circles and front/back but what I love to see is the proper V in his walk stride where his hind hooves… Continue

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There is a very valid reason for not standing behind a horse...Oh and update on Norway trip!

There might be a mare around who dislikes your horse and you get a swift double barrel before you have the time to think "oh shit!". I've learned that 10 years ago so it wasn't me today (you simply don't make THIS mistake twice). My evening riders today went a little complacent about this rule and one ended up with a very accurate, embedded drawing of a hoof print on her thigh. We drove to the hospital just to be on the safe side but looks like there are no broken bones. Phew!

Now,… Continue

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An Amazing Start to The New Year

Apart from the cold that is! I was so determined not to succumb to any more colds last year and I almost succeeded! Almost. On Thursday the 30th I woke up at 4am with a raging fever and a cough from nowhere. This is why I spent the New Year's Eve watching London's fireworks on TV. Admittedly, seeing the crowds gathered by London Eye I was very glad we didn't go there. It looked impressive and jolly though:…


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The Look Back, The Look Ahead. The Past, Present and Re-thinking the Future.

One thing that is both satisfying and disappointing in looking back at the year that has passed is trying to figure out what one should have learned, what one should avoid in the future and how to make the year ahead glorious and better [right?]. …


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Meet Case Study No.3: Suzanne!

Meet Suzanne. An endlessly jolly character who absolutely loves having lessons and learning new things. Suzanne helps out at a riding school by managing the whole operation on Sundays. She pretty much does everything from mucking out to meet & greet, open and close, feeding the ponies and hacking out with clients. In return, she gets the lessons, mostly on a Cleveland Bay mare, Rosie.



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Video Snippets from Academy Jump Sessions

Although Annette trains on Development Programme for her flatwork and dressage skills, she has had a long break from jump training. I always make sure even flatwork enthusiasts keep up with very basic jumping sessions unless they specifically ask not to leave the ground.





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Academy's Case Study on Foundation Programme

Case Study Rider: Foundation Programme

Pauline and Kingsley at Rockley… Continue

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Meet Academy's case Study on Development Programme


Photo: Annette and Pocholo IX, her beautiful, 5 year old PRE gelding not long after he arrived from Spain.

Annette Introduces… Continue

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Barefoot Rehabilitation for Navicular Syndrome/Disease - Kingsley Goes to Rockley Farm

After about four hours of journey in a swift little horsebox, Kingsley, Pauline,…

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A Video Preview of Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy's Assessment Days

I am giving a movie making a go ;) A Bad Go! I figured, however, that if I don't try and make any videos I won't ever get better. Considering there is no way I can afford to pay any movie making specialist to make my videos it'

s a case of if you can't have what you like you better like what you've got ;)

So here it is. We are doing Case Studies which means the riders are being videoed and here is a little short s nippet into yesterday's fun & games. Excuse poor quality,… Continue

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Everything has so many details..and then some more!!

Pic. left: The high street in Rochester on Tuesday morning.

Trying to fit in a few lives into one is a tiring affair and I'm looking forward to a proper rest at some hopefully not too distant future. The week just gone was very productive and thankfully there is a lot of things that have been pushed on. However, there is still… Continue

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Academy's Case Studies start their training, the ex-race horse I fell in love with and a few more lines on this and that

Pic. left: A fun, easy day fence judging at Mini-Badminton Event for Reading University Riding Club.

Days go by rather quick recently and there is so much to do I find it difficult to put aside some time for blogging. Nevertheless, a huge update is due so here we go.

The Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy is now officially on the… Continue

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Organising It All

Pic.: Exercising full liveries today. My lovely animal is trying to eat my leg ;)

Many people struggle with an idea for life thinking everything would be easier if they only knew what they wanted to do; but even if you do have one it's not all plain sailing. In fact, the true… Continue

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Option No 3...29/05

You may have read my waffle about a week ago on how to move forwards from the current situation. Here is a follow up to my little pondering Question Mark series.

I have had a bit of time to quietly consider variety of options and it was really helpful to read other people's views too. One message especially made me realise what really needs doing. As much as I… Continue

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Few Days of Rest - 21/23 May

Pic. above: Saturday morning, breakfast at 11am and reading time - bliss :) Ricky convinced me to buy David Attenborough's biography and I am loving the book. Funny though, when you let your mind…

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Deciding on future continues - 19/05

One more day of work tomorrow and then off to a weekend in Wales with Ricky. I really can't wait. No jodphur boots for 2 days and a total rest to switch a light bulb on...

I would like to thank you to those who read my yesterday's post and commented either on here or via Facebook messages. I don't know anybody who is truly doing what I am doing with no real back up so it's a bit like blind leading the blind. Therefore writing it all down and "thinking aloud" is what is very helpful and… Continue

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