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Why eventers can't show-jump, training half-steps, napping,shadowing Anna and watching Human Performance in action - week in review

Pic.left: Watching dressage warm up with Barney who after becoming friends with me decided being close by is the way to go!

Where were we?

Tweseldown trip was very interesting. The reason I like to go to various events is because I like to… Continue

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Academy Road Test Continues and Introducing My New Horsey Project

Photo: Kelly and Tilly on the lesson today.

As this month is very much about road testing the Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy project before its launch, I am trying to use any opportunity and time possible.

I had two girls coming for lessons with me to Cane End Stud and it seemed just perfect an occasion to test… Continue

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More News on Academy and Few Words on April Plans

Word of hindsight wisdom - if you're freelance, have a sicky fund ;) Not that I've got one but I would certainly like to have it.

As hard as it is not to be earning I decided to give my illness one more day as I continue having very little voice, jumpy temperature, cough and just generally feeling ill. I worked in similar states before but it always ended… Continue

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Educate NOT Instruct, Say As It Is YET Inspire, Support & Direct YET allow the ownership of knowledge - what do riders want from their trainers....?

Seeing I'm ill and spending my day in bed working on the biggest coaching challenge I've ever taken on I might as well share some musings on various teaching related subjects. Lots of waffle below, you've been warned.

In addition to the question in the title, there is another one: what do riding coaches need to deliver?

Creating the Academy project pushed me… Continue

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Lungeing Videos From The last 3 Days - Kingsley

Photo above: Kingsley today.
We are to lunge him 20 minutes a day encouraging correct outline and better balance. Problem 1: Kingsley's idea of lungeing is to check how upside down a horse can get and how fast can one run...

Problem 2: He still isn't totally sound

These… Continue

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Equine Body Work For Mr. Trouble

29th March 2010

Kingsley enjoyed his massage by Susanna Malkakorpi. Tomorrow, the egg-bar shoes are going on, then after Easter he will get navicular bursa injections and whole lot of other drugs to slow down the degeneration process and improve… Continue

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No Foot No Horse - What's In Store For Kingsley In The Coming Months

27th March 2010

Pic.left and below: Kingsley's feet today, prior to remedial shoeing.

No Foot No Horse is one of those things you will always hear around horses. Not without reason. Kingsley is no… Continue

Added by Wiola Grabowska on April 1, 2010 at 3:35pm — 2 Comments

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