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Medical Approach to Teaching = the evening with Andrew Murphy. The mud and comforting cup of tea.

It's the winter that's always the hardest in this job. It's not even the cold and the rain and short dark days, it's the tiredness that comes with it. I feel shattered and organising everything so it runs more or less smoothly seems like a grand effort. It's even worse when one or two things crop up unexpected which means whatever managed to be painstakingly planned ends up upside down and inside out.

I spent last evening in Hampshire… Continue

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BHS National Coaching Conference 2009 Summarised

The Programme included:

* Sports Psychology with Sandie Chambers

* Nutrition with Stuart Chambers

* Rider Fitness with Jon Pitts

* Tim Stockdale's speech

* Equestrian Edge with Dr David Marlin

* Motion & Performance Centre

The Conference might have… Continue

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X-rays done...

Every time I get Kingsley out of his stable I hope for some miracle to happen. I hope to see him moving with no sign of discomfort, loose and supple like any healthy, sound, happy 5 year old horse would. But of course, it's not as easy as that.

After a lot of lost time with previous vets we went for a completely different Veterinary practice and Kingsley is now in hands of a back/spine focused vet.

Richard thinks Kingsley shows very classic… Continue

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For the smiles

I had to pull a couple of lame horses out of lessons today which didn't seem very well welcomed by the school's owner. Considering there is only a few horses to play with, the team on the yard had rather difficult task to keep everything ticking somewhat. On top of that, the weather is wrecking the arenas, we were had to use the small one and couldn't do much at all.

It's hard to find an economically viable solution to so many problems that need… Continue

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A-Z of Last Two Days

Working outside is current weather is rather interesting. It seems that glorious, sunny and warm October was sent down to make up for what is happening now.

A is for Absorption exhibited by my clothing. Generous of it but seriously unnecessary.

B is for Books read in a hot bath while recuperating after A.

C is for clients. Super Training Day today with a pleasure-to-teach rider not bothered by W, R and H.…


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Day Off

My teaching was cancelled today, one of the things that are rather unsettling when you freelance, especially that the cancellations very often come day before and not much else can be arranged for in such a short space of time.

I thought it would be a good idea to do some resting but I am not convinced one day of rest is so beneficial. I actually feel my bones and joints more! Must be ceasing up. After half a day leisurely in bed I played a very very good housewife and spent good few hours… Continue

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Hunting in Ireland and religion...

...got summed up to me in one sentence today. I taught this American woman who told me how many years ago she went for a hunting trip to Ireland. I asked her what she thought of it and she said:

'You know, if you are not a Christian in the morning of the hunt you definitely are one in the evening!"...;)

I had a weekend from hell travelling wise with ALL my tube lines' options out due to engineering work. I spent considerable amount of time walking vaguely towards home from… Continue

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Bonfire Night and Horses don't quite go hand in hand. Or do they?

It was rather unusual day for me today as for one reason or another various clients didn't make it to their lessons and I spent most of the time on the yard. I also did a Birthday Party which was rather amusing as I had to "employ" mums as leaders as had no one to help me (where are all the helpers when they are really needed?! ;).

Did Kingsley boy at lunch time and as our RDA group uses indoor school I had no choice but to do his 10… Continue

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Just some waffling thoughts on the month that passed

To write or not to write? That's the question of the passed month. I've had so many thoughts in my head I was sure my cells would just burst at the start of one of the gorgeous sunny mornings of which we had plenty in October. Writing this blog has become such a giant habit for me, one that I really enjoy and I'm glad it helps some of you to stay in touch with me, allow some of you to have an insight into a struggling life of a riding instructor, lets… Continue

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