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Inspiration From Long Ago

When I finally got diagnosed with MS back in 1993 I sort of went through an existential crisis about my riding ability. I was SOOOO weak, unsteady and uncoordinated that I despaired of ever being able to start riding again, much less being a good rider. After a few days I finally remembered a tale I had read back in 1970 in the book "Riding Reflections" by Piero Santini (1933), Caprilli's fellow cavalry officer and student, and this story showed me a way forward.



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Puttering Around--Then Wimping Out at the Weather

This has been an up and down week. First, on Wednesday it got up to 70 F and it was sunny. Since my riding instructor went to Florida I did not get a lesson. I also had to groomed Mia and got real tired. I rode anyway because it was so beautiful, and I figured if I did anything horribly wrong that I could count on Mia to bring it to my attention. To my surprise I did not ride too badly.

I had been thinking about grooming more because I cannot think of a better warm up…


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Sore, Achy Muscles

It FINALLY got warmer this week!

Wednesday morning it still was in the upper 20's F, and when I took my lesson at 1:00 PM the ring was just starting to thaw out. I figured it would barely be warm enough to use the bit (mullen mouth snaffle), though Mia was not too sure about that! I changed back to my jumping saddle because riding in my…


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If Only I Were Younger

Due to the frigid weather and the bitter North winds I only got to ride once this week. My teacher, Debbie, is from Pennsylvania, so a little north wind does not bother her! Mia is not quite as tough, she just did not like the cold wind, especially when it blew right into her face. This has been a common "problem" this winter, I am starting to think that I am the first one who has ever bothered to ride Mia when there is a cold wind, or through puddles, or when it was sleeting or…


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Lots of Puddles

I was very fortunate this week, I got to ride in above freezing temperatures.

The last few times I had ridden Mia (the Arab mare) in a bit something was not quite right. She would willingly advance into contact and keep her tongue relaxed, but she was not completely happy with the experience. So I decided to change to my mildest bit, the Mullen mouth snaffle the next time it was warm enough to ride with a bit. Friday--and it was above freezing!!! I had already changed…


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