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Tiny Little Steps of Improvement

THIS is the way most horse training goes.

Wednesday there was a cold, cold wind blowing when I took my lesson even though my lesson was 2 ½ hours later than usual (it was in the low 20s F at dawn.)  I got to the stable and Debbie did not look like she felt very well, her sinuses were acting up.  I had brought my Anxiety and Nervousness homeopathic combination remedy and lent it to Debbie, and she chose to give him a dose before we started grooming.  I did my Ttouch…


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Winter Comes Back to NC

After last week’s balmy spring like weather in the 70’s we have had 2.2” of rain, a trace of snow, and I won’t be able to have my lesson next Wednesday because it will go down to 17° F.  I remember when I was young that winter got cold after the fall and generally STAYED cold until springtime.  No longer, and it is hard for me to adapt to all the temperature changes.

Wednesday I made the type of progress with Mick that a person does not…


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Back in My Old Crosby Saddle Again

On Tuesday evening I fell in my house (NOT off a horse) and I ended up with two scraped and bruised knees, a scraped foot, a scrape down my right arm, and shaken confidence about my walking.  I had been practicing holding my head up when I walked so I would form a good habit for my riding instead of  what I really needed to do, looking down to where my feet go.  Since my fall I am putting practicing good riding posture while I walk into the failed experiment column.  When I…


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Me and My Saddle, We Just Aren't Getting Along.

This week, since I haven’t gotten the girth billets on my Stubben fixed, I was riding in my Wintec 250 GP saddle for both my lesson with Mick and for my ride on Mia.  I had put the rear shims back in my Corrector pad but this week I did not feel as secure as I had before when I used them, I guess something in my body changed yet again. 

On Wednesday I woke up to rain, and Debbie called and we rescheduled for Thursday.  So I was out bright and early on Thursday, and…


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