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R. I. P. Bobby

Yesterday, when I called Shannon about riding today, she gave me some sad, sad news.  Bobby died as a result of severe impaction colic on Thursday, after hours of vet care, IV for rehydration and all. 

I am very sad.

No, I did not own Bobby, but I was riding him and finally starting to make some progress.  I was hoping that the EZ-fit treeless saddle I ordered last week would be more comfortable on his back than the Wintec Wide saddle I’ve been using, but,…


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We Got a Nice Snow Down Here

So I did not get to ride today.  I sort of have mixed feelings about it, I want to ride all I can but I am sort of relieved that I won’t be struggling with Bobby today, but on the other hand there is the thought that maybe, just maybe, today would have been the wondrous day that Bobby finally decided to cooperate with me.  I know, that fantasy is highly unrealistic but, hey, I ride horses and I live in constant hope that THIS day will be the day we finally dance…


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Bright Sun This Week

First of all, I want to extend my sympathy and awe of all of you horsepeople trudging out in the deep, deep snow to take care of your horses.  I’ve done it in the past, I know how hard it is to carry water, hay, and grain out to the critters.  You all have my admiration.  Good work, keeping your horses and other animals going through the bad weather!  We have been fortunate down here in NC in the weather department.  This week we got rain on a day that I did not ride and we…


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Switching Back to the Spirit Bitless Bridle

The past few weeks, ever since Mick’s little girl switched to the Nurtural Bitless bridle for jumping, Mick has been somewhat hard to bridle--he’s just been telling people that for right now he prefers the bitless options.  Mick has a right to his opinion and I decided to honor it because I had been able to ride with a bit all summer, in fact for most of last year.  Mick had been somewhat entertained with all my experimenting with my saddles but now that I’ve settled on my…


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