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I Get TWO Mini Trail Rides This Week!

I actually got to ride on the mini trail twice this week, and both time I was riding an Arabian!

Wednesday morning Debbie called me saying they were going to be fixing the footing on her ring, big equipment, lost of noise, etc..  Since I was still suffering the effects of a head cold (BAD NEWS for us with MS) I was willing to wait a day.  So I got my lesson on Thursday on the Arab gelding Mick.  The fence on the far end of the riding ring was completely down, and the…


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A Leather Snaffle Meets Bobby's Molars, and Some More About the RS-tor

Last week I finally got my leather snaffle.  Since I re-started riding Bobby I have been thinking hard about what might be irritating his mouth.  I read the ad about those super pricey titanium bits and I was looking for an alternative that I could afford that also was temperature neutral and did not have any electric currents or magnetism going through the bit.  I was really excited to get my leather snaffle, at least until I measured the mouthpiece, 2 centimeters wide and…


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Thanks to my RS-tor Rider Security Aid I Have Enough Confidence to go on a Trail Ride!

I finally got my RS-tor last week, and I did not waste any time putting it on my saddle.  The name of this wonderful piece of gear is pronounced “arrestor.” 

Due to the effects of my Multiple Sclerosis I have lost the confidence I used to have decades ago about my ability to stay in the saddle.  Faulty balance, weak and quickly tiring muscles, lack of coordination, my…


Added by Jackie Cochran on October 14, 2012 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

I Finally Canter Again

It is getting cooler now in NC, so I am hoping that I will continue to recover from my trip to MD three weeks ago.  Every year it seems to take me longer to recover. 

Wednesday I rode Mick for my lesson with Debbie.  I warmed Mick up for around ten minutes, the poor guy was stiff as usual, and the fact that Debbie’s horses are now spending the night in the stalls  means that he had been standing in his stall for many, many hours.  I had done the circular massages on…


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