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A Few Brisk Winter Rides...

In between the rains!  Last Wednesday I couldn’t get my lesson because it was raining.  I was disappointed of course, but since we really need the rain it was so nice to get 1.3”, it sort of made up for not riding.  A week ago we were over 10” short for the year so any and all rain is welcome even if it does interfere with my riding.

I got my lesson on Mick on Friday.  Debbie brought Mick to the wash stall and showed me how to take off his turn-out blanket since I…


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It is Cold This Morning!

When I woke up this morning it was at my cut off point--24-25° F, luckily I did not have to get to the stable until 10:00 AM when it was above freezing.  I was fine this morning until I started to get my homemade bit warmer ready, then I stubbed my left little toe hard.  PAIN.  I hurriedly put Arnica cream on it and put my paddock boot on in case it decided to swell up.  Hobbling piteously I finished with my homemade bit warmer (old washrag, soak…


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Messing With My Saddles

Two weeks ago I gave my 42 year old Stubben Siegfried its yearly deep larding.  When I got to the girth billet straps it became clear to me that I have to make some decisions, however much the horses prefer my Stubben Siegfried it is no longer safe for me to ride in as the front left billet strap could split all the way down the center without warning.  GRUMBLE, I have been avoiding this decision for a year, hoping things would last long enough so I could save up for a…


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Looking for an Added Edge

If you have been following my blogs you know I am riding ruined horses, horses who had lost faith in humans, horses who never really learned to trust the bit or the rider’s hands, horses with deep resistances, just basically horses who have been subjected to bad training, bad riding, and who then were sold to people who did not ride as well as the trainer.  You also know that I have this deep faith in the ability of Forward Riding (Forward Seat, Forward Control, and Forward…


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Some Progress with Mick.

Riding Mick the last two weeks has provided me with an interesting contrast. Last week Mick was really, really, really stiff when I mounted, and when Debbie told me she had taken him on a longer trail ride the day before I understood why. Mick was so stiff that I think he had been sending my subconscious mind “messages” that he was not up to much, because I forgot to switch my RS-tor between saddles. It was truly amazing how much confidence I lost when I could not hold the…


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