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Little Maggie

Well, Muffin is coming along.  She was very good last Saturday, and then Sunday, with no martingale on ... lets play throw our head in the air and race around the arena!  At least she was going somewhere...  So, around and around we went, until she gave up and came round. 


Monday, I was trying to give her a light stretchy ride... doesn't work if she's coming in season.  By Wednesday, we had full blown evil child.  When you can't get your horse past a little drip in the arena,…


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...and IthatI is why I have horses.

Little guy is going to be coming up to live with me in a couple months, so, seemed like a good time to start the journey towards loading into trailers. He leads about anywhere just fine, but my trainer suggests that we teach him to get on himself, which means sending him into the trailer. Well, he hasn't done anything like that yet, he's just a BABY (ask him!). So, I took the trailer down last night, to find out that there was a snowfall warning for today. No problem park the trailer, do some… Continue

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Yesterday i was at a dressage show, chatting with a 'trainer' who I know, but never trained with. Was telling her who I was working with, and she made a snide comment. Not what I would expect, but, well, some people are petty.

So, today my little girl had another session ground driving. We talked about something they wanted to try with her. And, my trainer, as she always does, says you need to be comfortable with it, this is how it works, the vast majority of horses figure it out…


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The sound one fat 39 year old lady makes hitting the ground off a cantering horse...

Ah, my poor little girl. There was a scary tire with a white rim at the one end by the mounting block. Now just because she inspected it and put her nose on it before I got on her is no reason to think she'd be okay with it. So, we start walking on a loose rein, as we always do. At least once around each direction, just like everyone says you should. And we were at that end, and there was apparently… Continue

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In praise of ground driving...

Well, my little Maggie, she's quite a challenge. She bucks, she kicks, she throws herself around. She's very talented, but a difficult ride. My trainer and I have been working with her diligently and she's greatly improved, but she still has some issues.

So, my trainer's father came over from Germany to do some driving clinics, he's a professional 4 in hand driver, very very experienced. He's also breaking some of the horses at the barn to drive. We thought we'd see if there was… Continue

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