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Philosophical ramblings...

So, I have found my child a lovely spot where he can run and play with kids his own age. 


Saturday, I came from the barn he's at, after discussing it with the manager there that he needed a different spot, and I went to the local tack shop for Garlic (bad mosquitoes here) and a tail strap.  I walk into the shop and see a girl I haven't seen in years.  I've known her for closing in on a decade, she was a teenager then.  So, we get to chatting about our various steeds, and she…


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Babies... the saga

So, little Havoc got to go out in the field today.  Perhaps we were a bit naive, thinking he would be fine out there.  I wasn't too sure, but, I'm one of *those* owners, so, I was letting the experienced folks make the call.


One 10 month old baby.... 4 geldings.... one field....  They ran around a couple times, Havoc leading, he can out run them.  Then it looked good, he was by himself, they were up in the one corner, no one was freaking out, big field....  Until one of the…


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So,here I sit, waiting until it's morning, so I can go get my baby boy. We're leaving the barn at 7am. On week days I don't get up at 7am, let alone leave at 7am, but, I have imposed upon my trainer to go get him, and said whenever was good for her, was good for me. Of course I have my own truck and trailer which I can convert to a stock, but, I'm one of 'those' horse owners. I have some anxiety about this move. He's 10 months old, never taken a big trip, I figured I'd leave it to the… Continue

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Looking back, looking forward...

Today, little Maggie was in season. I knew it was coming, I rode Friday, I know the mare. She's been delightful lately, making great progress. But today was the worst day of her cycle. There's always one crap day, often I can avoid it, but, I thought it would be yesterday. So, 7 nervous poops before we even went into the arena, and I put her on the longe line. Did get on her for a bit, she was tense, but not bad.

So, my tendency is to look forward, where we need to be, what we need… Continue

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