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In praise of food...

Ah, my little Havoc. He doesn't like being up at the barn, so when he was turned out (finally!) after being in for TWENTY FOUR hours, if you can imagine, PLUS he had a farrier appt, everyone had a good romp in the field.  For him, apparently, a good romp includes skewering yourself on something.  So, whether you call it a scratch (other people) or a cut (me, of course), it didn't look too bad.  Well, until the swelling above it started...


Fast forward to Friday, and one…


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Radical redesign

Well, it's been awhile since I've said much.  Maggie and I are undergoing a complete revision of our lives.


My trainer is a brilliant woman, and we sat down for a chat a month or so ago, after a lesson.  And basically she laid it out... we can continue as we've been going, not seeing much in the way of progress, but no crabbing about it, OR, we could re-vamp the program.  So, her thoughts were:  She takes over and fixes my horse (who has issues, holes in her training, a…


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