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Brilliant idea

So, we've been working with little Maggie on the longe line, with sliding side reins, then she moved on to long lining, which is tough and requires quite a bit of finesse. So, last night, I gave it a try. It's way harder than it looks, lemme tell ya! But, you can see immediately what you've messed up. And, conveniently, you tend to do the same things wrong on the ground that you do in the saddle. So, I get to see what the impact of what I do is, there's no cheating…


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I knew I needed a lesson...

My darling Maggie has been in some intense training of late, with me riding on weekends and her getting training during the week. She's progressed to long lining and it's going quite well. So, then it's up to me to keep everything moving forward, but I hadn't had a lesson in weeks. Now that doesn't seem like a long time, but really, we're trying to move forward and I don't want to be hindering progress.

So, last night, I rode and had a lesson. I KNEW IT, I was NOT riding quite…


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Of clinics and lessons

We had a clinic this past weekend with a very good clinician we've ridden with before. This week hasn't been all that great, Maggie dumping my trainer and all that, but, I expected a good ride. Now, we've been working on the trot with the girl, less on the canter. But, we were doing great, walk (quit moving so much), trot (softer and wait in the transition), and then the left lead canter, quite nice, developmental, but nice. Unfortunately, the right lead canter is not so good, so more right…


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