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Of loss...

So, my sweet Maggie Mae met her end on Monday.  It was not exactly how I thought the day would go.  A routine vet appointment to find out why she was lame ended up with a complete break of the proximal third of her cannon.  It's not often, I think, that one finds comfort in the vet report to the insurance company, but knowing that the vet heard the break and saw it from his spot on the outside of the longe circle, when I didn't, lets me know that even if she'd stopped immediately, the…


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Maggie Mae, as usual

Well, my little girl has an owie, I'll call a vet in the morning.  Took me two days to figure out which leg it was in.  She doesn't like to make things easy on me.  She's all clipped up and looking fantastic.  She's the only horse I know that is the same colour clipped as she is not clipped, and just as shiny.  I do love my little angel.


Back to lameness.  She's got a slight swelling on the right fore around the fetlock.  Current theory is that she tweaked herself (doesn't…


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