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So, two months ago I found a letter in my locker, giving me 30 days notice to find a new spot for my darling Maggie Mae. No reason given. Anyway, after my trainer and got over the shock, I set about finding new accomodations. I know a number of folks were freaked out on my behalf, but I have contingencies at any given time, there are at least two places I could arrive at in the middle of the night with a horse, no questions asked. I set about finding a place. I actually made a call to a…


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I've been riding in the same Stubben Avalon forabout 5 years. I get it tended yearly, making sure it fits my darling girl. And her back is just great, she gets a lameness exam yearly too, saddle good, horse good, all good...  well, is it?

Maggie Mae has been in training awhile now, coming along great, fixing her various foibles. Another woman at the barn tries some saddles, as her horse is actually sore because of his 'custom made' saddle (how many times have we heard that?).  Orders…


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My goodness, it's FUN!!!

Sounds weird eh? I mean we all know that riding is fun, that's why we do it, right?  I love my Maggie, always have.  I've had her for 5 1/2 years.  She's had some 'training issues' during that time.  Okay, when I first got her, you picked up the reins and she'd start kicking and bucking.  She actually has a move called the Maggie, it's a buck, leap, rear sort of thing.  She's willful.  She had some really bad training early on, I got her as a 5 year old.  Anyway, we'd made some progress when…


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You're so lucky...

Ah, the innocent words we all hear. Today it was idle chit chat with the cashier. It's a gorgeous day here, going to be 12C, so I mentioned that I was going to take my horse out for a meander.  Oh I love horses is the usual response.  Me too, of course, I have two... and then the phrase...


I admit, I am lucky, I love my little kids, and I have sufficient health and wealth (okay, not much of either), to allow me to have my horses.  But I don't know one horse person that…


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Making mistakes...

Maggie's been in training lately, so all I do is hack her.  Although my trainer was out of town dealing with a personal emergency, I've still just been doing that, so that i don't confuse her.  So, I was out of work early on Friday and headed to the barn for a hack before the sun went down.  We headed to the berry field...


They've finished the fencing of the field next to it, and although the posts have been there for ages, apparently this was a good excuse to spin and bolt,…


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In praise of food...

Ah, my little Havoc. He doesn't like being up at the barn, so when he was turned out (finally!) after being in for TWENTY FOUR hours, if you can imagine, PLUS he had a farrier appt, everyone had a good romp in the field.  For him, apparently, a good romp includes skewering yourself on something.  So, whether you call it a scratch (other people) or a cut (me, of course), it didn't look too bad.  Well, until the swelling above it started...


Fast forward to Friday, and one…


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Radical redesign

Well, it's been awhile since I've said much.  Maggie and I are undergoing a complete revision of our lives.


My trainer is a brilliant woman, and we sat down for a chat a month or so ago, after a lesson.  And basically she laid it out... we can continue as we've been going, not seeing much in the way of progress, but no crabbing about it, OR, we could re-vamp the program.  So, her thoughts were:  She takes over and fixes my horse (who has issues, holes in her training, a…


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Maggie the long...

Well, it's summer and, well, Maggie was a bit over due (a week, mind) for the farrier.  I've never seen (heard!) her forge like that.  So, rather than tap tap tap tap tap our way even around the berry field, someone got a few days off. 


Which leads us to Maggie the long of frame.  Lesson last night, and, much to the chagrin of Miss Magnolia, it's time to shorten her up.  Oh sure, she'll go fairly forward in a longer frame.  The comment was sure, she's on the bit and nice, but…


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Nothing like the horses...


So, we clipped, full body clip, mind you, the big old girl.  She's 16.2hh of half clyde, so this was rather a large job.  She's 24, and we have blood work being done for Cushings.  She looks 5 years younger and shiny as the baby.  She was a bit resistant on Friday, so I had the brain fart to change her bit.  She's had the same bit for the last decade, so it might be time.  Specifically, as horses age, their incisors tend to slant more forward, which…


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It seems every time I look in these days, I see things that make me sick and/or sad. 

Jockey stomps horse

Horse slaughter (which has to be discussed, but oy, there's no good solution)

Neglected horse

MORE neglected horses

Abused horses

Horses die in bee attack

Hendra virus


and other places:

Lost penguin in New Zealand

Owner hangs pit bull after it bites a kid

Tongues.... blue tongues, bleeding tongues,…


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Philosophical ramblings...

So, I have found my child a lovely spot where he can run and play with kids his own age. 


Saturday, I came from the barn he's at, after discussing it with the manager there that he needed a different spot, and I went to the local tack shop for Garlic (bad mosquitoes here) and a tail strap.  I walk into the shop and see a girl I haven't seen in years.  I've known her for closing in on a decade, she was a teenager then.  So, we get to chatting about our various steeds, and she…


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Babies... the saga

So, little Havoc got to go out in the field today.  Perhaps we were a bit naive, thinking he would be fine out there.  I wasn't too sure, but, I'm one of *those* owners, so, I was letting the experienced folks make the call.


One 10 month old baby.... 4 geldings.... one field....  They ran around a couple times, Havoc leading, he can out run them.  Then it looked good, he was by himself, they were up in the one corner, no one was freaking out, big field....  Until one of the…


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So,here I sit, waiting until it's morning, so I can go get my baby boy. We're leaving the barn at 7am. On week days I don't get up at 7am, let alone leave at 7am, but, I have imposed upon my trainer to go get him, and said whenever was good for her, was good for me. Of course I have my own truck and trailer which I can convert to a stock, but, I'm one of 'those' horse owners. I have some anxiety about this move. He's 10 months old, never taken a big trip, I figured I'd leave it to the… Continue

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Looking back, looking forward...

Today, little Maggie was in season. I knew it was coming, I rode Friday, I know the mare. She's been delightful lately, making great progress. But today was the worst day of her cycle. There's always one crap day, often I can avoid it, but, I thought it would be yesterday. So, 7 nervous poops before we even went into the arena, and I put her on the longe line. Did get on her for a bit, she was tense, but not bad.

So, my tendency is to look forward, where we need to be, what we need… Continue

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Now I know it's not fashionable to have shoes on your horse, better for the hoof, blah blah. I've always kept front shoes on the big Mags, she toes in and works all through the winter. We briefly (it was a couple days before I could get them back on), had shoes off of her last winter. We aren't really going to try that again.

Maggie has great feet. Good solid wall, round, nice concavity, big ol healthy frogs. She's also 17hh of hard working dressage horse. My trainer suggested we try… Continue

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Going there...

Had a lesson last night, which is certainly not unusual, Wednesday is lesson night. But, we're working on getting Maggie more sensitive, so off with the spurs and on with the GET MOVING!!! It was not the most fun anyone has ever had, but, at the end, we had the best walk ever, good trot, but awesome walk. And my trainer and I talked about the work we're doing with Mags. And her comment was that a LOT of trainers won't GO THERE. They aren't going to engage the work that needs to be done to truly… Continue

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Little Maggie

Well, Muffin is coming along.  She was very good last Saturday, and then Sunday, with no martingale on ... lets play throw our head in the air and race around the arena!  At least she was going somewhere...  So, around and around we went, until she gave up and came round. 


Monday, I was trying to give her a light stretchy ride... doesn't work if she's coming in season.  By Wednesday, we had full blown evil child.  When you can't get your horse past a little drip in the arena,…


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...and IthatI is why I have horses.

Little guy is going to be coming up to live with me in a couple months, so, seemed like a good time to start the journey towards loading into trailers. He leads about anywhere just fine, but my trainer suggests that we teach him to get on himself, which means sending him into the trailer. Well, he hasn't done anything like that yet, he's just a BABY (ask him!). So, I took the trailer down last night, to find out that there was a snowfall warning for today. No problem park the trailer, do some… Continue

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Yesterday i was at a dressage show, chatting with a 'trainer' who I know, but never trained with. Was telling her who I was working with, and she made a snide comment. Not what I would expect, but, well, some people are petty.

So, today my little girl had another session ground driving. We talked about something they wanted to try with her. And, my trainer, as she always does, says you need to be comfortable with it, this is how it works, the vast majority of horses figure it out…


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The sound one fat 39 year old lady makes hitting the ground off a cantering horse...

Ah, my poor little girl. There was a scary tire with a white rim at the one end by the mounting block. Now just because she inspected it and put her nose on it before I got on her is no reason to think she'd be okay with it. So, we start walking on a loose rein, as we always do. At least once around each direction, just like everyone says you should. And we were at that end, and there was apparently… Continue

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