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Horse snuggles

Little Muffin had a chiropractor visit yesterday, so today was a day off. But, who can resist going to the barn on a weekend anyway?! So, I mucked her paddock, cleaned up stray hay, picked her feet and gave her a grooming. Then we went and ate grass, well, she did, I watched. Nothing like a horse munching her way through the grass. She's very people oriented and loves the attention.

Her little sister who is due in 5 weeks is very snuggable these days. We're not really sure…


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Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus...

Out of season, but true nonetheless! At last, success in the ring! Okay, it was a schooling show, but I had an obedient (mostly), forward (pretty much) and NON BUCKING horse. Problems are so much easier to solve when it's the one with the opposable thumbs that is the problem and not the prey animal. Now, she's still waiting for the eye-popping squeeze fest, but, she'll very kindly give me the transition to canter, albeit a bit sprawling, with no histrionics. Thank goodness for the kindness of a… Continue

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The rider IS the problem...

Well, I think we have found the answer to the squealing and bucking in the show ring... as it was described by my trainer... you're squeezing her eyeballs out! I hate it when I find out that it's me causing the problems. I have a very patient horse, thank goodness, who manages to forgive my foibles, as I forgive her when she's a boob occassionally. And a good trainer who is guiding us back to fill the holes in our training so we can progress. Today she said that the hardest step is getting…


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