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Teaching Baby How to Pick Up His Feet

Written by Chantelle Matthews, Assistant Trainer and Barn Manager at Manolo Mendez's Equestrian La Mancha.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to spend time with Phil Maddox or Maddox…


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Schooling Piaffe In-Hand in a One Ring Cavesson

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Schooling Piaffe: A test of Self-Carriage

Vintage Dinamico....Manolo likes to long line using his one ring cavesson. These images are not finished Piaffes but a succession of steps during Piaffe schooling.

There are a few things Manolo considers crucial when schooling Piaffe. Thefirst one is that the horse be physically ready to start schooling as…


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QUESTIONS: What differences can you find between the top and bottom frames looking closely at Clint and Manolo's body, posture, tack, etc..We counted at last thirteen. 

What clues do these differences give you as…


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What, Why, When and How: The Walk Pirouette


Check the link at bottom for full article and over 10 clearly captioned step by step images plus clues to help you figure out what is not working, why and how to fix it.

"There are different ways to introduce the…


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What to do when your horse is stiff to one side doing circles and figures?

We have had some very good discussions at La Mancha about stiffness and suppleness and how to help a horse develop towards being able to bend evenly going both directions by gently straightening and suppling him. 

For Manolo, suppling is not achieved by asking the horse for more bend on his stiff side then his soft side while riding or working in-hand and making him work in smaller circles and figures to "make" his stiff side "give",…


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Relax. Breath. Smile for your horse. It will make your body softer and your horse more beautiful. Smile.

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Veterinarian & Acupuncturist Dr. Fiona Mead: Manolo Mendez Clinic Notes

 North Island, NZ Jan 2014

In his observations of the horse and rider, Manolo Mendez ‘hits the nail on the head’ with accuracy, intuitive awareness and in doing so, demonstrates his keen horse sense and deep…

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Muscles Tell Bones What to Do!

It is important to know where the bones are but also understand that in themselves bones cannot move. It is the action of the muscles, tendons and ligaments that create motion or action. Thus how the muscles feel - tense or relaxed, stiff, plump, dry, contracted, elastic is essential to good movement -and keeping the horse supple and…


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Tail Tales

Does your horse's tail swing?

If a horse's tail gets caught between his hind legs he is not using his body properly. If the tail lays flat and listless these are clues that energy, messages and feedback from the brain to the body and back may not be traveling up and down his spine properly. If the tail is clamped down, the horse may be in…


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Heat Strategies for Cushings and Metabolic Resistant Horses.

Once more, we thank ours vets at…

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