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Have you ever felt that things have been so mad and so enveloping that you just need to be a little reckless and go and have some fun?

Things have been pretty tough for me this year and over the last few months I have had one thing and another effect me and tire me out.

Things are pretty hard for most people any way so, to go and have every day life that the normal fit human would cope with can be pretty difficult for someone with a chronic illness or disability to cope… Continue

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Nice and Easy.

I'm back to riding again! That really makes me happy.

My ride this week was pretty relaxed compared to the previous weeks of preparation.

The others in my group that qualified are now working hard to prepare for the Nationals in a few weeks. so my ride at the moment is not so focused.

But I will get myself back in to that focus again, as I want to become the best rider that I can possibly be despite my FM - I don't want it to get the better of me.

Riding is my… Continue

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Half term holidday

Just a short blog since it's half term this week, so no riding for me. I miss it already and the week is not quite halfway through yet!

I thoroughly enjoyed my week last week.

How am I feeling in myself?

well, the pain was really bad Fri through Sunday and is up and down at the moment, but I am very tired and fatigued. I am taking it easy this week so I can enjoy my lesson next week!

I have been pottering about the house, since I am car-less this week, My… Continue

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The Big Day

I was so nervous! I felt really ill for two days!

Thursday was my first ever Dressage competition. It's the mid west RDA regional competition, So it's an important day for all those who entered qualifying classes. I entered a non qualifying class.

I felt incredibly smart in my jacket and pretty impressed with the hard work our groups helpers and instructors had done getting the horses ready and warmed up for us.

We were lucky with the weather as it was beautiful and the sun… Continue

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Lesson Time!

It's been a funny week, I had a small FM flare up and that is just about starting to settle down. I feel like I have been trampled by a herd of horses at the moment, which is really annoying and very painful!

My lesson went well, though I wasn't as focused as I have been the previous weeks. I think because I was in a flare, it was messing with my concentration.

Pink was so good, bless him, he had a good warm up by my instructor in the previous lesson, so I didn't have to… Continue

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Great Day!

I usually like to write up my blog on the day of my lesson, but I was so tired and in an awful lot of pain that day so I had to go to bed when I got home and rest up. I took a strong painkiller with my afternoon tablets and that knocked me out for a few hours. When I woke up I was still in a lot of pain and I was concerned that the FM would flare up and cause me grief. The last thing I want is a major flare up that would knock me out of the competition on 21st May. You are probably think,…


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Practice, Practice, Practice!

It's my favourite time of the week again! Riding!

My week has been filled with pacing my activities and recovering from my lesson last week. My FMS pain and fatigue levels has been up and down, and the other symptoms nagging at me, but this week has been an ok week, illness wise.

But, I have been going through everything my instructor told me last week. Trying to memorize everything I had to do to get Pink down on the bit and moving forward as well as my position.

I am pretty…


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RDA Riding Lesson.

It's Wednesday, and the day I look forward to most in the week. It's the day of my riding lesson.

I love this day, being able to go and ride and get out of the house. I love being able to get on a horse....even if it's just for a few mins, it gives me a buzz. I have always been like this ever since I was little.

Any way before I get side tracked, I had better get on an tell you about my lesson.

I rode Pink, who is genuine, a super little dressage horse and a great horse…


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My Visit to Kine in Norway.

I'm a little behind on my blog, but I hope I can catch up on it now!

Over the Easter holiday I flew to Norway to visit and stay with Kine, my friend of a couple of years and a Barnmice Blogger.

I had heard and seen so many photos of Pernille that I really wanted to meet her and Kine. So after loads of invites, an opportunity finally arrived for me to go and visit Kine for the first time. Kine and I speak online virtually every day, so to actually talk in person was really…


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Riding in other contries part 1

I was taken away on holiday by my Dad back last November.

We went on a cruise to the Caribbean and I decided I wanted to try to fulfill my dream of swimming with a horse in the sea.

I did just that on St Lucia! I rode a very sweet mare called Isak. She was responsive and, I believe a TBx, I could be wrong!

Isak after the first part of our ride.

The weather was over cast and a very warm 28c! We hacked across the…


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My First Blog! - My introduction

I have been riding on and off ever since my Dad introduced me to horses when I was a child. That fateful day when at three years old I looked up at a stable door and a big chestnut nose came down at me and sniffed me!

I was instantly bitten by the bug!

I have ridden all sorts and most of the time, sad to say there has been long gaps between the times I rode or spent time with horses.

I had always wanted a horse and my dream came true in the form of a loan horse…


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