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This morning as I was pondering what to write in my newsletter this week, I got an email from a client asking me how one reaches their productive potential. She was asking from the context of being an artist.  How does an artist reach their potential? But the concept of reaching your potential is the same whether you are creating art, building a business or riding a horse.  The techniques to master might be different for each of these disciplines, but the inner mindsets of reaching your potential, of creating your desired result, are the same.

Achieving your potential requires the states of permission and engagement.

Permission might consist of such things as: feeling worthy, giving yourself the necessary time, creating supporting environments, and allowing that part of you that wants this dream to have priority.

Engagement is about such things as: surrendering to your process, connecting with that spark that is you, creating (writing, painting, doing business, riding) for the joy of it, and  trusting yourself.

Reaching your potential productivity then requires structures and environments that support the level of productivity you want to achieve and experience.

Achieving your potential is about bringing more permission and engagement into your everyday life, your day to day decisions and choices.

To the extent you shut these things down, you are limiting your life force.  “Should” is one of the big killers of your potential. ‘Should’ is the way we carry forward guilt and blame from the past. We are not born with guilt and blame, it is something we learn from others…..and isn’t it bizarre how well we learn to carry the ‘should’ stick all alone?

Other places where we limit permission and engagement:  I’m not good enough, fear of success, the inability to let go of the discomfort of not achieving for the discomfort of stepping into a new level of productivity.

People get stuck on these mindsets all the time. These mindsets have you contract your energy and play small in life. They take away opportunities where you can achieve your potential.

One thing I am fierce about: You, living your best life, giving yourself your dream, allowing your full expression, is the BIGGEST gift you can give to others. It is truly an act of generosity.  It is a gift to your children that you model how to live your biggest and best life. Your most authentic self is a huge gift to your partner, family and community.

Does God/the Universe/Spirit want us to play small or to play big? What is the impact on the world if we all play small? What would the world be like if we all allowed ourselves to step into our best and biggest self? The thought boggles my mind and gives me goose bumps!

Use this mindset to cast off the ‘shoulds’ and other limiting mindsets. Step into your big dream for the joy of it; answer that call that is inside you.  You will work out the ‘logistics’ of being that person with bigger results over time. Start by giving yourself permission.

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