On this Memorial Day weekend I find myself in distress because what our veterans have fought and died for is being destroyed from within. So I wrote a small piece from my perspective regarding the destruction of the country our Veterans have fought for.

‘America Succumbs Through Implosion’

Destroyed by the Undermining of Fundamental Cultural Ethics E. A. Buck  May 2012  

How do I approach the death of America in a manner that will grab people’s attention?  There is not one grand avenue of communication.  So I choose to use all facets associated with the word “abuse” as the prime example of the disease that is destroying the United States of America.   The disease is rampant across all walks of professional and non-professional ways of life.  The disease is far more ravenous and destructive than the flesh eating bacteria.   It is a disease that consumes our personal integrity, consumes our spirit, and consumes our very soul.  

Fundamental: serving as a base or foundation, primary, original  

Cultural: manifestations of human intellectual achievement  

Ethics: a set of moral principals  

The United States was founded upon ethics derived from a combination of religion, English law and from Native American tradition.  The United States Constitution represents the pinnacle of achievement in human social evolution.  Today, that document, all it represents and the society it created is fast approaching the day of self destruction, of imploding upon itself, of becoming a culture of the past.   Ethics means absolutely nothing in America today.  Our government leaders and employees across the board have become leeches, living off the backs of working Americans, all the while destroying our very existence.  The hierarchy of industry; banks, oil companies, insurance companies, major corporations, etc., have chosen personal greed over integrity, chosen to turn their backs upon the very individuals whom create and maintain the income to their businesses.  Deception and lying have become the standard ethical code of today.  

Trust:  confidence; a reliance or setting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle of another person or thing  

Respect: to show consideration for, to avoid intruding upon, to notice with special attention, to regard to consider, viewing, treat or consider with some degree of courtesy  

Integrity:  an uncompromising adherence to a code of moral, artistic, or other values: utter sincerity, honesty, & candor: avoidance of deception, expediency, artificiality, or shallowness of any kind  

These three words are the cornerstone of personal ethics. 

The disease that is destroying the United States is the absence of personal integrity [API].   Prime examples are the Members of Congress who are elected to serve the people and protect and defend the Constitution.   These individuals willfully ignore the Constitution as is seen in the material fact that an impeached federal judge is allowed to be a Congressman in violation of the Constitution; nor will these individuals defend our borders which is aiding and abetting the illegal importation of people and drugs.  Both of these examples are crimes under federal law.   Our Justice Department aids and abets the criminal conduct of Congress and the Executive branch.  The list of examples is huge and would be voluminous if written out.  

Abuse: a corrupt practice or custom; improper or excessive use or treatment  

Abuse, be it in personal relationships, business relationships or governmental relationships is the food supply for the disease of API.  So here I direct your attention to animal abusers, especially those who abuse horses.   Why animal abusers, simply because it is a symptom of psychological issues that cause great turmoil to the abuser.  The abuser lashes out upon the animal trying to vent that which cannot be vented.   Animal abuse has become a fundamental part of criminal profiling. 

Most law enforcement agencies use animal abuse as a strategic part of criminal profiling.  Why is simply because serial killers, child abusers, rapists, etc, do tend to have animal abuse as part of their background. An individual who abuses an animal is very capable of abusing, in one or more manners, another human being. Bullies tend to be animal abusers and school bullies are becoming a rampant part of our society.  

Here we are in 2012 having become a nation wrapped up in ourselves and not our nation. We are more concerned for the self than the nation as a whole. On one hand we unite under the banner of war against those who would do us harm, yet we do not unite under the banner of integrity to interfere with and prosecute abuse in any form  

A man is video taped torturing a Tennessee Walking Horse, pleads guilty and is given a plea deal. A man tortures a horse through misuse and abuse of training equipment and the criminal charges are dropped. What do these cases represent for America? They represent our loss of personal integrity, our loss of courage, our loss of justice. There are literally thousands of cases of human and animal abuse across our nation that reflects our loss of individual integrity which is not prosecuted by law enforcement.  

Governmental agencies and animal protection agencies seem to be only concerned with putting on the shows rather than creating change. The news media, in its typical bias attitude, refuses to publicize, with gusto and time, horse abuse. Oh, yes there is the one night video presentation and then silence returns. Then there is the silence rendered because an individual is a famous person such as member of the United States Equestrian Team.  The media does the same thing with the abuse of humans…..see the relationship.  

Where have the ethics this country was founded upon gone? They have been trampled into the earth by individuals and groups seeking gratification and actions that meet their end goals. Being silent about the abuse of the horse, is the same as being silent about abuse of a child or a woman, except that in stopping a horse abuser you might stop the abuse of woman and child. Abuse of the horse and human is neither physical or emotional, it is both. And when an individual abuses a horse, that individual is clearly demonstrating the propensity to inflict abuse upon any person or animal.  

Examine how much time and money is invested into media where mayhem is the star.  Yet, on the other hand, we crave media where good triumphs without the mayhem.  Look at what the body of news programs consist of; negative stories about criminal conduct, with an occasional ‘good feeling’ story thrown in.  Examine the mayhem within the media coverage of political campaigning.  Seeking out the worst in individuals even if it is a years old story.  ‘Seek and destroy’ has become an accepted part of the lexicon of our way of life.  

We have become a nation in which we, both as individuals and as groups such as religions, mandate that others do as we do, think as we think, comply with our beliefs.  We seek out and put forth great efforts to bring about change which will subjugate others to our way.  Our nation was founded upon equality yet we now mandate that equal means only if an individual abides by our way.  That is abuse both physical and emotional.   Emotional abuse of others has become a way of life here in America, it has become the accepted standard.  It has become acceptable to be deceitful, to lie and misrepresent others.  

I have stated unequivocally that we are becoming a nation of selective cowardism. In other words, we do not have the backbone to fight injustice no matter what. Rather we pick and choose what we will fight for, and it must in some manner fall into our individual religious and/or political thought processes. We have reached a point in time when we are incapable of not having some form of segregation in our lives. In other words, we segregate and subjugate because it is easier than standing up for ‘all’ the rights of every individual and every animal in our care.  

The stench from America’s decaying cultural ethics is being smelled by countries all over the world. I am ashamed that America has become a country of prisons, jails, halfway houses, drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers, simply because we do not have the individual personal integrity to uphold the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Federal and State laws. I am ashamed that America has become a country in which ‘deception’ is a way of life.  

 I do not fear that war or terrorists will destroy the United States, for the United States is destroying itself.  The United States is imploding upon itself just as other nations have before it.  Can we save our nation, in all honesty I think not if we maintain the course we are presently on.  API can only be cured by the individuals whom are infected.  The individuals whom are not infected with API must unite as a nation and inject the infected with doses of trust, respect and integrity.

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