So I'm pretty new to blogging, but I decided that I had a super day today and it would be fun to at least document some of it. Today was Treasure's third show of the year (second show away from home) and he was absolutely brilliant!! I think today was the first time he went to a show and didn't spook at anything - a milestone for sure! He was a bit quick for the judge's liking in our Western classes (I've only been riding him Western for a couple weeks) and we were up against some stiff competition during English and Western so we didn't place high in many classes, but here's what made the day amazing:


1) He was a bit quick, but he did slow down a bit for me during the Western classes. We had moments of nice jogging, and his lope was not bad.


2) NO SPOOKS!!!! (and it was a Fall Fair by the way - loads of distractions - midway, entry table, speakers, spectators, etc.)


3) We went with friends who had a step-up trailer. Treasure is used to a ramp but hopped on the step-up and even backed off!


4) He didn't get attached to the horse he rode on the trailer with - he followed me wherever I wanted to go with no fuss.


5) We WON our second-ever Hunter Hack class (okay, there was only one other person - but still!)


6) He took those jumps like a pro!


7) The ring was super-muddy and I was worried about him slipping, but he kept his footing and stayed balanced the whole time. No big deal.


8) Only one wrong lead the whole day! (okay wait two, but we fixed them both quickly :P)


9) He was more relaxed with the other horses during warm-up. Normally he balks a bit if another horse comes at him from the opposite direction, but he only did that once today.


10) The weather stayed clear apart from about 5 minutes of rain during lunch and overall, Treasure's becoming a more trusting and relaxed horse. Someday I know we will go to a show and perform to his (and my) full potential!!!

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