A Video Preview of Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy's Assessment Days

I am giving a movie making a go ;) A Bad Go! I figured, however, that if I don't try and make any videos I won't ever get better. Considering there is no way I can afford to pay any movie making specialist to make my videos it'
s a case of if you can't have what you like you better like what you've got ;)

So here it is. We are doing Case Studies which means the riders are being videoed and here is a little short s nippet into yesterday's fun & games. Excuse poor quality, perhaps one day I will take it to the next level. For now, we are focusing on the content of the actual training.

Annette Assessment Day 19th June 2010 from Aspire Equestrian on Vimeo.

To book your own assessment day go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aspire-Equestrian-Riding-Academy/2338... and drop me an email. Full website for the Academy will be online soon :) If you like the idea please join our Facebook Page and help us become known to more dedicated, ambitious and aspiring grassroots riders!

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