American Woman Becomes First Female Camel Jockey To Compete In Esteemed C1 Championships In Dubai

Kentucky, USA - February 22, 2024 - Isabella Leslie, hailing from the U.S., is set to make history in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), this Saturday, February 24th, as she becomes with first American female camel jockey to compete in the esteemed C1 Championships, the only licensed all-female camel racing competition. Other countries participating in the event include New Zealand, Germany, France, Russia, and the UAE. 

Established in 2021 by visionary Linda Krockenberger, the C1 Championships represent a landmark milestone in the UAE's sporting landscape. Krockenberger’s determination and pioneering spirit also led to the creation of the first-ever licensed camel riding center in the UAE, along with the formation of the first female camel riding team, breaking traditional barriers and fostering inclusivity within the sport. 

Camel racing enthusiasts will witness thrilling displays of athleticism and skill as camels, capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 mph, navigate a 1200m distance. The event will be held at the Dubai Camel Racetrack in Al Marmoom, Dubai. Admission will be free for all attendees.

“Competing in the C1 Championships has been a dream since I first learned about it,” said Leslie.  “I met Linda while in Dubai in 2022 and the rest is history. We’ve planned for this moment and it’s finally here. I am honored to represent not only my country but also women from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for camel racing. I am grateful for the opportunity to make history and contribute to the growth of this incredible sport." 

The C1 Championships promise to captivate audiences worldwide, showcasing the strength, agility, and camaraderie inherent in camel racing. As the first American female camel jockey to compete in this esteemed competition, Leslie embodies the spirit of determination and excellence, inspiring future generations of athletes to pursue their dreams relentlessly. 

“It’s incredible to see someone all the way from the States commit to intensive training on and off the camel, and to accomplish the licensing by Dubai Camel Racing Club in such a short period,” said Krokenberger.  “It shows camels have finally sparked more international interest and recognition. And I am sure Isabella’s participation will create a ripple effect and help shape the sport in a more accessible and democratic way. I’m incredibly proud of her and the dedication and commitment she put into this dream.” 

Leslie possesses a diverse background within the Thoroughbred racing industry. She has worked with renowned horse trainer and dual Hall of Famer, Mark E. Casse, whose 40-year career has earned him over 3,500 racing wins. Currently, Leslie supports marketing efforts for multiple racing companies, including America’s Best Racing and JockeyCam. She also helps oversee US operations for Amo Racing. She earned her degree in Equine business in 2021 from Kentucky’s University of Louisville College of Business.

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