Yes, another rained out long weekend for my sister and me…


Thursday, the river was too high.  We rode Cruiser and Ranger up and down the hill 3 times.  I worked with Cole in the arena, and we had fun.  My sister rode him for a little bit, and it was nice because then I could watch him.  He is quite a sight.  I then led him down to the river as a reward.


Friday, the river was still way to high to cross.  This time, we rode Cruiser and Ranger in the arena, too, so we could get some good exercise.  Cruiser is doing so much better this year than last.  I am optimistic that we may be able to get back some of what we used to have…Ranger did very well, too.  We then rode them down the hill, once.  I rode Cole in the arena.  A woman who had seen him last week came over to video him to show her daughter.  When she left, Cole started to do some amazing things.


His one fault in trotting is that he has been carrying his head too low.  I didn’t push the issue, but just gave him time to find himself.  Well, he trotted a few steps with his head in the correct position, so I clicked him.  Being a good clicker horse, he then repeated it right away.  I clicked him about 10 times for it, and then just let him keep trotting.  My sister videoed him for me so I could affirm that his gait was still proper.  I’m glad to say it was.  We practiced it for about 5 minutes, and at the end, he started some new movement that felt like floating.  I don’t know what he did, but my sister said it was beautiful.  She had already put her camera away.  We quit, then, and went down the hill to the river.


Then we waited for the vet to come out to give fall shots. She also did Cole and Ranger’s teeth.  Cruiser was fine. 


Saturday, the river was still too high.  We rode Cruiser and Ranger on the hill.  Cole’s arena ride was a little shorter because the arena got too crowded to work.  He was trotting with his head up, again, but he also discovered he could go faster that way!  We were trotting like we were on the trail—channeling his Dan Patch heritage (famous Standardbred he is related to.)  When he slowed up, I clicked him.  Since we quit early, I don’t know how it would have developed.  We then went down the hill.


Sunday, we were finally able to cross the river and took Cole and Ranger out together for an hour and a half.  It was a gorgeous day.  Ranger was feeling his oats, and he did lots of silly things.  Cole was consistently well-behaved.  I took Cruiser out for a 5-mile blast, and we had a terrific time.  Finally, a trail-riding day!!!

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