Hi Everyone~ I'm Jamie at Bit Blanket. I'm a member here on Barnmice and a life long horse lover. I invented Bit Blanket, the electric bit warmer, and as the holidays approach and cold weather begins to set in, I wanted to share our fun list of why everyone needs a Bit Blanket. Most of these came directly from our customers and I have a strong suspicion that our horses would definitely agree with many of them, especially reason #1!

The Top 10 Reasons To Order A Bit Blanket

#10 Your cold hands just don’t do the job

(and dipping the bit in hot water is messy!)

#9 They make wonderful gifts for your trainer, barn mates, and friends – and fit especially well in Christmas stockings.

#8 Cold bits can cause numbing of the mouth, interfering with communication.

#7 Using a hair-dryer is a hassle, is noisy, and uses at least 1250 watts of energy! Bit Blankets use only 4 watts!

#6 You don’t want to create a head-shy horse who’s resistant to being bridled.

#5 Your horse may accept a cold bit but it doesn’t mean he likes it.

#4 Cold bits are uncomfortable, painful, and can cause lip/tongue/gum injuries.

#3 Bit Blankets are fast, effective, and convenient.

#2 You’d never lick a frozen flagpole (hopefully!)

and you shouldn’t ask your horse to!

And the #1 reason to order a Bit Blanket:

Your armpits really aren’t that effective –

AND they make the bit taste funny!

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Comment by Barnmice Admin on November 18, 2010 at 12:04pm
Thanks Jamie! I have one and LOVE it!!

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