Bonfire Night and Horses don't quite go hand in hand. Or do they?

It was rather unusual day for me today as for one reason or another various clients didn't make it to their lessons and I spent most of the time on the yard. I also did a Birthday Party which was rather amusing as I had to "employ" mums as leaders as had no one to help me (where are all the helpers when they are really needed?! ;).
Did Kingsley boy at lunch time and as our RDA group uses indoor school I had no choice but to do his 10 minutes walk outdoors. He behaved impeccably but was much more on his toes than normal. I tried my best to feel whether his walk is any better or worse but it seemed just fine to me. No odd steps or "dipping" the hind leg, his strides felt confident. Whatever was causing unevenness in walk seemed to have improved but the truth is that the worse unlevelness showed initially in trot so that's what we will really have to wait for.
The physio is coming on Monday for reassessment but as it's also my friend's birthday and I am staying overnight at hers I will update you all on the outcome on Tuesday. Keep everything crossed that there is at least some improvement.
The only lesson I taught today was a late evening one and we had a spectacular view of multi-coloured fireworks popping up on the black sky like lights on a Xmas tree.
Kingsley was a little unsettled by the noises so I took him outside for his evening groom and amazingly he just stood there watching bonfire display like hypnotised. I normally have to make sure there is nothing around he can chew, throw, step on or get entangled in but he stood like a sculpture.
He was so still I tidied up his mane, did his feet with hoof hardener, gave him a brush all over and he didn't budge totally starring at pinks, reds, blues and greens splashing all around him.

I managed to tear him away from this sparkly movie, tucked him into his new warm winter pyjamas in which he reminds me of Santa and set off back home.

Received my ticket for the BHS Coaching Conference today, one I wrote about some time ago and I am very much looking forward to going. One of the Centres I teach at paid for my ticket which I am very grateful for as would certainly not be able to go otherwise. Topics will include sports psychology, nutrition, rider's fitness. I am especially interested in presentations by Equestrian Edge ("an Equestrian Performance Analysis Training and Consultancy company that provides expert world class training courses and services in a number of modalities relating to Equine and Rider Performance.")

More links to the Conference info:

I am now further brainstorming myself on the content of Academy's website and enjoying the warmth of the indoors.

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