I was out snuggling my baby boy today, giving him a grooming.  It's shedding season, he's not too bad, but he gets done regularly.  He's a very snuggly sweetie pie.  He is now 16 1/2" hh, growing into a reasonably sized boy.  This spring he'll be started, and this fall he comes to the barn.  He'll get to live inside and learn all the things he needs to know to become a super star show boy.

He lives with an old girl, she's 30 this year.  She's starting to slow down, and I think when he leaves, before the winter comes, she'll probably be euthanized.  It's difficult for her to get her feet done these days, but the farrier is patient with her.  She still lays down in the shelter with little man.  She was injured as a younger horse, she has one bad knee.  She had a filly who was just lovely, but they lost her, I can't recall the details, so they bred her again (in her early 20's I believe), and she threw a lovely colt, but his knees are offset, and as lovely as he is, he won't be a dressage horse.  He lives on the same property, becoming a mountain horse.

Her owner is of an age... in her eighties, actually, and still riding.  But she doesn't see her much.  The old girl doesn't mind, she's been out in a field with buddies for years, having a happy life.  When Havoc gets cookies, she gets cookies, because, after all, she is his nanny!  Sometimes I take a curry to her, she loves it.  I did that today, because she must be itchy under that hair.  She's a patient girl with Havoc, maybe a little grumpy, but who wouldn't be with the various creaks and groans.  I hope she appreciates the cookies and the grooming, because I appreciate her taking care of my boy while he finishes growing up.  I hope her last days are still comfortable.  I know her owner will ensure she goes with dignity.

Thank goodness for the old girl, and I am glad I can give her a bit of happiness.

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on February 23, 2013 at 9:52am

Yes, the ancient horses do appreciate grooming, especially around their backbones.  At the barn where I get my riding lessons the owner had some ancient Arabs walking around the barn and once they learned I would curry them these horses would come up to me when their backs got got super itchy.

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