Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and THESE Run in Families...

We all know that cancer, heart disease, and diabetes run in families.  Do you know what else runs in families?... Recipes!


I firmly believe that nutrition is the foundation to good health AND that education is the foundation to good nutrition.  After thinking about how so many people are digging their graves with their fork, I decided to do something about it.  Beyond my career as a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach for Equestrians, I spent seven years teaching a variety of health and nutrition classes to high school students.  The kids were starved for this information (no pun intended).  They learn a little about nutrition in their health classes but that was mostly based on the U.S. government's food pyramid which, conveniently enough, is heavily weighted (again, no pun intended) toward meat, dairy, and simple carbohydrates.


Real nutrition is holistic nutrition.  It takes into account the whole person - not just the sum of their fortified cereal and synthetic vitamins.  Real nutrition considers all of the nutrients - what they are, what they do, why they do it, and where to find them.  Real nutrition also considers digestion.  It doesn't matter if you are meeting your intake requirement of a certain nutrient if your digestive system is so messed up that the nutrient is not available to you.


Since I put such a high priority on nutrition, many of my coaching clients make some significant improvements to their health by making some nutritional changes.  They often lose weight, have more energy, less pain, and generally feel much better.  However, some of them struggle to continue to have success.  This is sometimes because they view these changes as a diet.  Newsflash - diets don't work.  The mindset behind a diet is that it is a temporary thing that is done until a goal is reached.  Once the goal is accomplished, the diet basically goes away.  I decided that people need more than a diet.  I keep going back to the old proverb "If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day but if you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime."  So rather than teaching a man to fish, I'm teaching equestrians to eat.


Knowledge is power.  Most people want to eat healthy but they have been mis-educated by the popular media to think that things like "Smart Balance" and "Healthy Choice" are actually good for you.  Not in my opinion.  Real nutrition focuses on food - real food - nutrients, hydration, detoxification and digestion.  A colleague of mine always says "nature hates a void".  This is the problem with diets.  People tend to leave out things which leaves a hole in their world.  When you learn what foods you shouldn't eat, you need to learn what foods to replace them with. 


If people know what to eat, where to find it, when to eat it, why to eat it, and how to eat it - good nutrition is so easy.  People just need the information.


To help as many people as possible to become healthy through holistic nutrition, I designed a convenient and affordable program called "Eat Like a Horse."  This 26-week program will walk you through a holistic nutrition course (so to speak) to educate and empower you to take control over the most important thing you do for your health - what you put into your mouth.  For more details on this program go to



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