Cole's First Show


Don’t get excited.  It really wasn’t a big deal.  One morning, we found out there was a horse show at the public show ring.  Since we were planning to ride up there, anyway, we thought we would expose Cole to some of the excitement. 

We rode all around the back trails behind the showground, like we usually do.  This gave him a chance to get acquainted with the loud speaker blaring.

We then rode to the show grounds and stood on the outskirts of the excitement for about 10 minutes.  Ranger kept inching forward--he wanted to wander around amongst the activity.  He loves doing that.  There were horses going past us or warming up in the field nearby, the loud speaker was even louder and horses were calling.  Cole stood like a statue and watched.  When Ranger stepped forward, he waited for me to tell him to move. 

He was great the whole time, but as we rode away, I told Ellen I expected an expression of emotion any moment.  About a minute later, he jumped and squealed. At least he didn’t let me down.

I think I could say that his first show was a success.  Maybe next time, we will ride amongst the activity and see what he thinks. 

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