I’m not all into shows and making money off the horses, if I was I wouldn’t be riding the horses that I do. What I think about when I’m riding a horse is how can I make this work best for the both of us.

The Pony is the worlds most loveable, crazy, mad, undisciplined, wonderful pony I’ve ever met. She can be all up in my face one day and all I wanna do is give her away to the first one that wants her. She’ll jump into bushes, ruin her tack, jump around like a madman, jump into rives she can’t see the bottom off and lots more, all this with me on her back of course. But then when we calm down and walk to the field she’ll look at me with those big brown eyes and just see right trough me. She’ll brush up against my cheek with her nose and taste my hair and all is forgotten. I’ll give her a kiss and close the gate and she’ll stand there watching me walk away and won’t go back to the other horses until I’m out of her sight.

Lately I’ve been having trouble seeing the good in her. I’m not saying she’s evil, I just haven’t seen her good side in too long. Today I gave her a test. One she aced. I trusted her not to do me harm, and she trusted me not to harm her or ask her to do anything she would have trouble doing.

The code is cracked. And when we are in a bad place somewhere in the future (I’m sure there will come days) I‘ll know just what to do. Trust her.

End note
The Pony and have been together for 3 years now. We know each other like a married couple and we trust each other like trapeze artist. She’s always been handled in a halter and is used to it. I control her movements with a short verbal command and my body language. Please keep this in mind before you try this at home!

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