The days are getting busier and it gets harder for me to update this, but i am staying consistent with riding Mossberg.  Yesterday we stayed in te round pen part of the arena and rode after lounging with 2 other horses on the other side of the arena.  He was distracted but not crazy, and listened to my cues.  Working on more umph and forwardness.  I was afraid he would go up if I ever pressured him too much, but am learning he just throws a mini hissy fit and continues on.


Today we worked transitions.  He would lean against the bit at the trot and would take a little loner to come to a walk.  Walk to halt he was fine, but trot to walk he was tricky. He would eventually listen, but I felt like I was holding his whole body weight.  He once again during mounting, walked about quickly and was jigging for a couple minutes until he settled.  I am working 12 hours and won't get off until 11 am, so tomorrow will be his day off.  I am hoping to ride him in the big arena soon.  This small space can't be good for his joints.  Definitely need to get some trot poles going too.  Its hard to get off and set them up and get back on when he acts a fool every time I get on. 

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Comment by Kate Matney on March 26, 2015 at 1:06am

It is!  But I work for my horses so it's not something I can give up at this time lol  Wish my husband was a doctor ;)

Comment by Jackie Cochran on March 23, 2015 at 8:32am

It can really be hard to work AND train a horse!

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