It seems every time I look in these days, I see things that make me sick and/or sad. 

Jockey stomps horse

Horse slaughter (which has to be discussed, but oy, there's no good solution)

Neglected horse

MORE neglected horses

Abused horses

Horses die in bee attack

Hendra virus


and other places:

Lost penguin in New Zealand

Owner hangs pit bull after it bites a kid

Tongues.... blue tongues, bleeding tongues, open mouths, tongues over bits....


I feel so sad and so helpless.  I work so hard to keep my horses in the way they have become accustomed.  And I try so hard to do right by them.  I love my animals and think everyone should do right by all animals, yet people do horrible things. 

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Comment by Marlene Thoms on July 2, 2011 at 10:32am
I know how you feel, it bothers me to think of any animal that is being harmed in any way. Sometimes I just have to limit how many of these stories I read. These days there is just way more coverage of what's been going on for years. But there is an upside to raised public awareness. Sometimes the outcry from "those darned animal lovers" is loud enough t make changes. Do you think anything at all would have happened in days before that jockey was caught on tape? Here in B.C. a large number of sled dogs were horribly abused and let me tell you, there were gatherins in several communties about the outrage, and there will be more regulation of that particular industry. It might not seem to make a huge difference but there is progress being made. Our SPCA now has some legal clout and they are using it in many instances for abused and neglected animals in this province. Politicians just have to know that enough people care, and they will make changes just to get public support. Unfortunately that means people also have to hear more sad stories before they can make those in charge support those changes.

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