29th March 2010

Kingsley enjoyed his massage by Susanna Malkakorpi. Tomorrow, the egg-bar shoes are going on, then after Easter he will get navicular bursa injections and whole lot of other drugs to slow down the degeneration process and improve circulation.


He has tight muscles areas where he compensates for front feet lameness. It seems that the left side of his body is affected much more than the right, which could mean his right fore giving him more pain?

Here is the drawing explanation with tight areas marked in red:

Susanna will do him again next week to observe whether the Bute, shoes and today's session are having any positive results. Interestingly, one of the papers I read about signs of navicular syndrome pointed to loss of suppleness as one of the indicators. Well, let me tell you, that certainly applies to Kingsley as he can barely offer any bend on the right rein.
His SI region on the left is also rather tight so who knows, he may have some mild SI problems after all due to Navicular.
I am looking forward to seeing the effect of the drugs in the next few months and I am hoping something will work and help him. He is adorable.

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