Essential Springtime Supplies for Barn Owners

Springtime’s arrival means important barn maintenance. Having the right supplies can make barn and property maintenance easier, so before you set out through the muddy pastures, make sure that you have these supplies in your barn.

Heavy Duty Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are an absolute must when working around the barn in the spring. Invest in a quality pair of heavy duty rubber boots, and consider keeping some extra pairs of socks in your tack trunk just in case your feet get wet.

If you’re spreading mud into your barn, think about getting door mats for the tack room, lounge, and any other areas where mud is becoming a problem. Don’t want to buy a door mat, but have some extra baling twine on your hands? No problem; you can braid baling twine into a mat.

Stable-Ity Grids

If mud is a big problem on your property, then installing Stable-Ity Grids is an excellent idea. Stable-Ity Grids interlock over a base of crushed stone. You can then fill them in with coarse sand to help promote proper drainage, eliminating the mud problem that you’ve been experiencing. Stable-Ity Grids can withstand heavy loads and will not shift or work their way up through the earth.

These versatile grids can be used just about anywhere around the barn. They are perfect for paddock entrances and muddy areas of your paddock, such as around water troughs or in run-in sheds. Stable-Ity Grids are also excellent for use in stalls or barn aisles, since they stay level and eliminate digging. Best of all, Stable-Ity Grids are maintenance-free.

New Hoses

Winter has probably taken a toll on the hoses that you have in your barn, so now is the time to bring in new hoses. When buying hoses for your barn, opt for heavy-duty hoses that will resist kinking. You might also consider self-curling hoses for convenience and safety. If you will be bathing horses regularly, an over-the-top washer for your wash stall can keep the hose out of the way and protected from horse hooves.

Arena Drags

Rain and runoff from ice and snow can leave outdoor arenas compacted and uneven in the spring, but regularly dragging your arena can help restore it to its excellent condition. Invest in a quality arena drag to help you maintain your arenas. When you choose a drag, make sure that it is narrow enough to fit through the arena gates, and that it is appropriately sized, in terms of depth, for the footing in your arena. You don’t want to dig up the base layer while dragging your arena, so an appropriately sized drag is important.

Springtime farm and barn maintenance is made much easier when you have the right tools and supplies.

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