Last night was farrier night.  my sister and I come out to the barn after work.  Sometimes, the farrier gets there before us because he does another horse at our stables.  When he finishes, he starts Cruise and Ranger.  He waits for me to do Cole so I could help with holding him.


When I got there, my sister was talking to him and there were no horses in the crossties.  I was surprised and wondered what was going on.  My sister said that they started Cole, and he was so bad that they put him in the stall to wait for me to get there.  I was disappointed.  I have been working hard the last 2 weeks reviewing his training.  She said he was kicking and rearing and biting—now, I started to get skeptical.  That didn’t sound like my Cole Train.


She was kidding.  He was perfect.  The only thing he did wrong was nibble the farrier and chew the crossties.  When she got there, he was nearly done and only wanted to know if I wanted the shoes back on or not.


Alas, with the impending doom of winter, snow, ice, cold and a frozen river that we won’t cross, we decided to pull Ranger’s and Cole’s shoes.  I leave them on Cruiser because he seems to need the support with his healed bowed tendon and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Last year when I pulled them, he quickly became lame.  He did fine when I put them back on.  (The vet said to keep them on, but I thought I would see what happened…)


The ponies get the day off, today.  I am going to a local play with my boyfriend.  We will be back on Saturday with my youngest niece…

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