Finally Some Good News And Betterin My Life

Well back in feb. i broke up wit matt after we got engaged... it just didnt work out.... i finally got away from all the bull shit of his.... i am so happy now that i am back home wit my family.... met a new guy that i really like... seth... hopin all goes well... but my mom is doin alot better now.. still probablly wont ever ride agian tho... which sucks.... still workin on breakin our horse to ride... been just way to freakin hot to do any training... been really busy wit work and hangin wit seth and other friends and goin out to bradleys... a dance club/bar.... havin fun... goin to take my GED test on july 31st... then lookin at maybe goin to parkland community college this fall for 2 years then goin to the university of findlay in ohio to finish up my degree fully....

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on July 25, 2010 at 7:30pm
I am glad your life is getting better. It is often better to move on than to stay stuck. I hope your mom continues to get better.
I find that in this heat I have to do my training mostly at the walk. At least I get to ride!

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