I am saddened once again, by the reports on the way our horses are being slaughtered in our Canadian plants. It brings me to tears to see these poor helpless animals being butchered and brutally killed. The only mistake that they have made in their lives is to be born, and not needed. Two plants have been shut and we must close the 4 remaining plants.
We have to keep lobbying our politicians, leaders, equine associations, YES, equine associations: Equine Canada, your provincial organizations to help with this issue.
We must implore on those nations and people that eat horse meat, to stop. We have to go to the grassroots of this industry, the horse meat eater person and beg them to think of eating something else.
If there is no market then the industry GOES DOWN. Breeders MUST breed responsibly. Breed only what you think you can sell and what you can afford to keep if the horse does not sell. Breed good quality horses that people want.
We must lower the numbers of unwanted, abandoned and abused horses. We have to keep this issue in everyone's face. We can't stop until these 4 plants are completely shut down.
I am hoping the momentum keeps rising like a snowball that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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