Freelance Coaching vs Severe Wheather...Winter Worries.

It looks stunning doesn't it. And yet, it is also killing my livelihood.
My private clients decided to give up the struggle trying to keep up with lessons & training and are basically just keeping horses ticking over. Even if I did get to their yards there is nowhere to have lessons at as arenas are either frozen or under a foot of snow.
My Centres are still operating but with severely decreased amount of lessons.
I am already about 2 weeks worth of wages behind. And it looks like the Great Freeze is staying for a couple of more weeks.
I am using this unwanted free time to work on the possibly largest and most exciting project I have ever underataken...
Please join us on Facebook: ASPIRE EQUESTRIAN RIDING ACADEMY to hear about all the updates on the project as well as to be informed when the Academy's website goes live.
Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck - it will be a difficult journey to get the Academy up and running properly but I got some passionate people involved and I will keep you all in the know about our highs and lows via this blog.

This and planning my work for spring keeps me busy and it helps to focus on something positive.
Having said that, my normally very positive outlook on life is taking a bit of a hit.

Together with Kingsley's owner we braved the journey to the yard yesterday to sort the boy out. We had to suspend his walking rehab as he has had no turn out or been out of his box for the last few days. I walked him in-hand for 30 minutes instead in the indoor school, he did the same today and hopefully we will find a window in between the overcrowded indoor's lessons to ride him for 13 minutes as per rehab schedule.
Such a shame we can't continue properly as with SI rehabilitation the longer periods of rest are counter productive. He needs to gave low level workload to start developing the muscles that will help him carry the body with more balance. At the moment he is very weak with no topline to speak of.

I hope the meteo people are wrong and some warmer spell of weather is on its way...

Pic. below: Kingsley's Yard

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Comment by Jo on January 30, 2010 at 8:59am
Kensington? horses? how? Hope to hear from you soon!
Jo xx (I know of Pythagoras - very important in Trakehner breed - the Russian branch is a very valuable "outcross". I have a 5yo filly, by Axis, whose damline is a rare Russian motherline. Her Damsire is Honeur - do you still follow Trakkie breeding? Jo
Comment by Wiola Grabowska on January 26, 2010 at 3:35pm
Hello Jo, thank you for your comment :) The weather has calmed down and business is picking up so that's good.
I am an Aquarius indeed (2nd of Feb is my birthday). Re my Trakehner, he was Lithuanian or Latvian bred, born in 1984 and imported from Russia as a youngster I think; he was by Privet 21 out of Fuzija. His grand grand sire (or even grand sire - not sure exactly as his passport is with my parents back in Poland and I don't remember) was Pythagoras (apparently well known Russian Trakehner?)

Are you using your laptop OUTSIDE? ;) Hope you get to warm up soon :)
Comment by Jo on January 26, 2010 at 2:13pm
Chin up Wiola - typing this with frozen fingers and blocks of ice for feet - oil ran out - no Aga! Spring is just around corner. Early February it gets dark at 5.30pm Hurrah!!! I know cos my birthday is 4th February and once came out of office at 5.30pm on my birthdayafter what seemed like a lifetime of darkness - going in in the dark, coming out in the dark, but it was light - a revelatory moment!
Have read your website briefly - need to give it more attention, when not freezing. When is your birthday, you are either Aquarius or Pisces? Re your Trakehner stallion - how is he (was he bred?) - I am a huge Trakkie fan - breeding them at the moement. The foal on the left is by International GP stallion, AXIS. Standing and competing in Germany.

Hope to hear from you soon - you sound inspirational - how do you do horses from Kensington? Is base due to hubbie's work?
Speak soon,

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