AS THIS GOES TO PRESS, YOUR GYPSY BOHEMIAN DEKALBPOET is once again coerced by her former co-editor/boyfriend//writer to submit more poetry to the Troubadour BILL LEIGHLY'S web zine. I have a funny feeling that I'm the one that's going to get the whole shebang plopped in my lap but I can't stray away from this temptation. While creating a cover sheet, I looked up what my REAL website link is (I honestly did not remember!) [ WWW.DEKALBPOET.COM ] and I came across the 'Barn Mice', which I plumb forgot about. I have been gone a while. Thanks to Jackie Cochran for her friendship and support.

I have talked with a few of the Instructors from Cheff's Therapeutic Riding Academy, in Augusta, MI and am very eager to see if I have what it takes to get back in the saddle, some twelve years later. Chomping on the proverbial bit, as it goes.

ALL: PLEASE REQUEST MY FRIENDSHIP ON FACEBOOK and I will approve. Please SEARCH DEKALBPOET@YAHOO.COM and you will see a pic of me with my black dog Piglet and 'Charlie Horse', my friend Joanna Kondraci's Chicago carriage horse. Looks like the Pro-slaughter villains have complained about me again, and therefor: I have been 'blocked' from requesting friends for 30 daze...I CAN 'approve' any friend requests. I just can't 'phish'.

This is the same scam that happened right before elections when We the People closed down all three horse slaughter plants in America, riding on our Bill of Rights by educating the public and Congress to add the rider to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill, de-funding the USDA inspections of EQUINES for human consumption for foreign profit, as paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. Back when the horse slaughter plants raged here in the U.S., the U.S. taxpayer paid for the USDA inspections of over 150,000 equines per year, all for foreign profit and the financial support of a corrupt Multi-billion dollar foreign industry. I can't afford that. Can you? Quick math: 150,000 equines. Per year. Paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. All for foreign profit. How many USDA INSPECTORS does it take, per plant, to 'inspect' these pets (and at one point: FEDERALLY PROTECTED Wild and Free-roaming MUSTANGS) that are considered 'edible gourmet' in their own country? Do you think the inspectors only get minimum wage for their troubles? Do they put in a forty-hour work-week? How much MONEY IS THAT? How many equines can be 'inspected' at a horse slaughter plant? 150,000 per YEAR. Even at a dollar a day, or even a dollar per equine, that's $150,000.00 How much did the U.S. TAXPAYER end up paying for this foreign profiteer?...a non-U.S. CITIZEN, who doesn't pay U.S. TAXES, nor even is allowed to VOTE. November is coming up and the foreign owned horse killers want a piece of our pie...again. I cannot afford to buy lunch. Can YOU?

Please excuse the rant, but it looks like ol' Poet-girl may just have to cling to Capitol Hill again for awhile. Please request my friendship on FACEBOOK, the website I work the most from (to educate more viewers) and I will accept your friendship. As we get closer to voting day, I probably will get more and more manic, then disappear again as I head for D.C. At THIS point, I MAY just choose to become a MICHIGAN CITIZEN, as it is nearer the Canadian boarder/horse slaughter plant/and kill-buyer aucions/feed lots. I am working now with a possee of Horse Warriors, politically excercising our Rights to the First Ammendment of our Constitution. Please join me in this fight, for our horses and for our U.S. taxpayers, voters and future voters and horse lovers. thanks.

If you are pro-horse-slaughter for foriegn profit, at the U.S. taxpayers' expense, please kindly disregard this message. Thankyou for all you do FOR THE HORSES and FOR THE PEOPLE of the United States! Sincerely, JEWELZ. DEKALBPOET@YAHOO.COM

and now: BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM of Creativity.  On With the Show!  I don't even know what this new magazine is called, but if the writer, now Editor, Bill Leighly, is concocting this 'zine, it's got to have some sizzlin' juice.  I'm down for the yellow rag.



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Comment by DEKALB POET on February 25, 2019 at 8:52am
UPDATE: I come back from Michigan. Things get fucked up with my HEALTH. - Bill Leighly gets caught up with some broad. I live alone on the l3th floor. The non-stop ETERNAL HUM drives me MAD! - I regret not moving in when Bill Leighly asks me to. But it would have been MADNESS - with that horrible hag of a hank of whoredom there. Who getz to endure the agony of listening to BJ FUCK ANOTHER slatteringly gutter trash whore. AGAIN. ... I am sick with sick eyes of complaint.

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