Today I was told by a student that I'm the 'Horse Whisperer'. I lunged one of our lesson horses on the line and then off the line. He did walk, trot, canter  and even galloped. He'd be going at a full gallop and if I bent over he'd come to a sliding stop and wait for my next request. This is the same horse who, last year and even a couple months ago, would decide when he would and would not do as I asked. I'd ask him to go on a circle and instead he'd take off across the arena. When trotting there was a 50-50 chance he'd stay on the circle or just take off. Now, he stays on a circle on the line and stops regardless of whether or not he's on the line. He'll follow me around anywhere and everywhere I want him to go, push a ball if I point to and trot over poles if I request it. He's changed for the better. I'm beginning to establish trust and respect among the herd.

Our classes have started back up finally. They've going quite well and I love seeing "my" students again. I really do. They're joy to be around and say and do the funniest of things. For example, this afternoon I was told by a young black girl, that my skin is like smooth white porcelain. She compared me to Snow White saying I was "glowing". We had been talking about whether or not white girls talk differently from black girls. My friend and co-worker, whom is a white girl, claimed there was no difference. The young lady proceeded to give us an example of how white girls talk:

"Like, OMG, check this out! Like OMG, check out my hair! OMG! did you see that!"

My friend responded in defense, "OMG we do not-oh...wait....I guess white girls do talk differently..."

I butted in saying, "You can't say that about me, I'm half black"- to which the young lady(she's 13) responded, "So sometime you talk like a hood-girl and other times like a white girl then". My friend's final response was, "I don't get how your half're the whitest person I know...whiter than me and you have(more like had, it's gone now)a tan!"

Oh the conversations we have at the stable. I cherish them all and enjoy every moment I get to spend with both the horses and students. It's the Zen in my life. If all goes well and as planned I'll have a horse of my own boarding at the stable until I go to college in six months. Right now I'm preparing for my ACT this Saturday, prayers that I do well.

Last week I shadowed the same equine vet out in Mason. He requested I come back out as soon as I have free time. I told him this month I'm shadowing a bovine vet, to which he responded- "'ll be an's a whole different species....but you WILL come back out afterwards.....right?"- me-" yes of course"- Him- "Good! Well I hope you have fun then!". LOL. I will I hope. I'll be shadowing the bovine vet February 26th. I can't wait. Next week I visit Albion college for an open house they're having. In June I graduate highschool and in August I'll hopefully be attending college with my horse.

That's all for now,

Have a happy ride~

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on February 5, 2016 at 2:53pm
I am so glad everything is working out well!

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