Had the opportunity to experience the process of Inner Nature Design...amazing...Cathy (Rivers) did my design....she's now offering the process to the equine community! It was definitely the missing piece for I want to share and re-post this from her blog!  Also, she's doing a free 30-minute Discover Session if anyone's's so worth it!


 OK, I admit it. I can be quite a worrier! Especially when it comes to health and well-being of my family, friends or horses.

Andrew, my Swedish Warmblood gelding, is coming on 4 years of age.  Andrew is my happy boy. He is an instant friend to anyone who comes near. And people are automatically drawn to him because he is so outwardly friendly and has a very kind eye.

Of all my 8 eight horses, in his short life span he has had more medical challenges than all the rest put together.  He was born with a patent urachus (urine seeping through the umbilical cord) which required surgery at day 11. Then at 2 and a half, he started showing some lameness and was diagnosed with an OCD lesion on his right stifle, requiring yet another major surgery. Luckily, the lesion was not on a weight-bearing portion of the stifle and his prognosis is excellent.

This second surgery was enough to turn my internal radar on to high alert. What else was going to happen to my special young man? There was always a part of me wondering what would come next. That is never a fun way to go through life.

It was Inner Nature Design that helped me to stop worrying about Andrew’s future. (If you haven’t heard me talk about Inner Nature Design, click here to read more.) One of the gifts I received when I did Andrew’s design at age three was to see that he was already living according to his design. I no long felt the urge to view what happened to Andrew as necessarily ‘bad’, but just a normal part of his life process.

Andrew has a 6/2 profile; your profile speaks to your overall purpose in life, your overarching life theme.  Those with the 6/2 profile are here to be examples of what they have learned in the three phases of their lives. In the first phase, they experience great challenges and trials. In the second phase, they withdraw and become objective observers of how to deal with those challenges. In the third phase of their lives, they walk in the world as natural, living examples what they have learned.

I have worked with the Inner Nature Design system long enough to know how accurate and truly helpful it is. My job is to provide him the living and learning environment I can. I am no longer concerned about Andrew’s health. His life will unfold as it is meant to. These hardships are just meant to be part of what is making him a great horse.

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