Today, a horse actually BIT me...  I mean REALLY!

No, it wasn't one of mine.  Mine know that it's a very big offence... Maggie used to grab my shirt (only!), if I was talking to someone and I should have been paying attention to her.  Havoc might miss a carrot or apple and graze my hand.  That's it.  So, how did I possibly get bit?!

I was taking Mo back to her paddock, a longer way than usual, because it's pretty wet out, and I was walking close to another paddock to stay on the dryer part while Mo walked through the middle which was pretty dry too.  Normally I'm fairly circumspect, but, I was just taking a horse back to her paddock... when the horse occupying the paddock came over, very deliberately took a chunk out of my arm, and spun away.  I was NOT impressed!  Mo was SHOCKED, it's just not DONE!

So, now if this little mare had been beaten, abused, mistreated, I'd understand her lashing out at a person walking too close to her paddock, the best defence is a good offence.  She was NOT trying to get to Mo.  I come to find that she might be, well, not the nicest girl.  Spoiled might better describe her.  Spoiled rotten might be even more accurate.  She apparently has no compunction about kicking at a person either.  I'm gobsmacked!

Don't get me wrong, Maggie was spoiled, Havoc is spoiled, Mo is spoiled... but they damned well know that people are in charge and it's a major offence to raise a foot or open their mouths with intent.  I am not an advocate of beating your horse for every little infraction.  I'm not for making them into little robots, but I do think a bit of discipline is necessary. 

Havoc, when he was a baby, was a little mouthy, that was firmly indicated to him that it was not acceptable.  He's not even CLOSE to being head shy or afraid of people, he just got the message and it was over.  This one could use a bit of restraint.  I hope she gets it sorted out.  I'm sure it's a man made problem (okay, a problem created by an owner of a certain age who bred her), but there's only a man made solution too.  In the mean time, my arm will heal and I'll give her a wide berth.  And Mo will just shake her head at her and wonder why someone would ever think that was okay... her Mom gives her cookies and treats her respectfully...

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Comment by MagsNMe on April 7, 2014 at 8:31pm

If I could have gotten to her I would have walloped her a good one, but the fence was in the way... she's not a dumb girl.  The owner seems to be the problem, she bred her and hasn't exactly disciplined her.  I think that's sad, because it's so much easier to teach them when they are young, before they escalate to this sort of thing.  I doubt your guy would do something like this, she came at me, ears pinned, no hesitation.  Havoc is mouthy too, but more with his lips and NOT with pinned ears.  Therein lies the difference... being a bit of an ass vs being very serious...

Comment by Marlene Thoms on April 7, 2014 at 8:20pm

I'm sorry to hear you were bitten. I'd be mad enough to smack a horse that did that. Probably a good thing that you did report it, the next person could be hurt worse. But the owner should be required to do get some training on how to teach her horse some respect. My guy is a bit mouthy but he just bumps a bit or touches. He has never actually bitten me, although I think he might have tried if I hadn't corrected him when I got him.

Comment by MagsNMe on April 7, 2014 at 6:05pm

Thanks Jackie.  I feel rotten, though, the horse in question was removed from the property, I guess this was the last straw.  Her owner brought in a different one of her horses.  I don't think the horse should suffer for the bad early training she got (ie: that she could be a hag).  Not that I think the woman is going to put her down or anything, but still.  Should have kept my mouth shut.  Although my Mom is of a different opinion, that it could have been a kid and much more severe.  I say we all know the risks involved with horses.  What if one of mine decide they have a taste for someone's arm one day?  (They'd be walloped if they did, by the way, and would know exactly what they did wrong).

Comment by Jackie Cochran on April 6, 2014 at 1:17pm

I'm sorry you got bitten.  May your arm heal up soon!

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