Ah, my little Havoc. He doesn't like being up at the barn, so when he was turned out (finally!) after being in for TWENTY FOUR hours, if you can imagine, PLUS he had a farrier appt, everyone had a good romp in the field.  For him, apparently, a good romp includes skewering yourself on something.  So, whether you call it a scratch (other people) or a cut (me, of course), it didn't look too bad.  Well, until the swelling above it started...


Fast forward to Friday, and one traumatic visit from the vet, which included quite a bit of probing and prodding and flushing and a couple pokes from needles (one of which was sedative), and we had one unhappy little boy!  Tiny little puncture we missed.  He wouldn't get caught by the barn manager.  So, out comes Momma, now I had to grab the dominant filly and take her to the gate to get him jealous enough to say hey, those are my cookies!  No problem, hibitane on, cookies dispersed.


Saturday on a quick visit, he came to his Momma for apples, all was well.  At least until they tried to catch him to give him his Excinel...  No go.  In fact, he broke his halter.  Let me tell you that puncture wound was draining great!  Arrive Mommy, with food.  No problem put on his rope halter and snuggled with him.  We did give it a quick go on the shot, but, with me throwing the needle and a MAN, if you can imagine, trying to hold him, we didn't get it in, but he had a positive experience.


So, 7:30 this morning, Momma went to catch little man, no problem.  The barn manager's dad was visiting, he called to me and asked if it made me feel good to make them look like idiots, maybe a little.  Now I'd like to say it was pure love on his part.  But, as I led him out to his little bucket of apple, we know it had to do with me, reliably showing up with treats.  Every time.  In a nod to my trainer, I do feed him mostly out of his little pail, so he doesn't get mouthy.  But he knows Mom is always packing cookies.


He's now up at the barn, shot in (Mom held him, it was MUCH better than even last night).  And I'll go hold him again tonight.  I shudder to think what we'd have to do to catch him if he didn't know that Mom = yummy stuff.  The catch pen wasn't working last night, and a half a dozen yearlings... well, you can imagine!


I'll keep feeding treats....

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