For me to let you know I’m still alive! My computer had to be sent to service because it broke down and screamed at me when I tried to turn it on. So I’ve been without my dearest computer for almost 2 months! Anyways, enough about me. Let’s talk horses

All the horses have had/are having 5 weeks of summer vacation. Linda has finished her vacation and is now put back into work. We started out easy by walking around in the heat, going swimming and just goofing off. But we cant go around and play all the time so we’ve take up the dressage work.

I’ve also decided to learn how to ride western style! Let me just say, it’s not easy learning a whole new way of riding! Since Linda is a diving horse as well she is a very “bit controlled” horse. Now I’ve just put the reins down and concentrated on my seat and legs. Sounds easy I know, but it’s not. Not at all! I’m so sore!! And I can’t wait for these new muscles to grow into place! We are still just learning the basics.. Stop, go, backing up, turn both ways and so on.

The Pony will be put back in to training during the weekend/next week but until then she’s just having fun together with Bruvin (The 4 year old)

I’m so sorry you have to hear my oh so bad English, but I had a visitor who doesn’t speak Norwegian so well… You can just turn off the sound ;)

That's all for today. Enjoy the film ;)

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on July 17, 2009 at 7:24pm
Welcome back. I'm glad you finally got your computer back.

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