I haven't blogged all that much since my Maggie died.  It took the wind right out of me for a very long time. 

My Mr Havoc is doing just fantastically, he's such a sweet boy.  I can't believe he's 3.5yrs now.  He's about 16.2hh and now at an equine facility getting finished in his starting and learning about living inside being a working horse.  They love him there, because he has good ground manners and is a big sucky boy.  He does love people.  He adjusted well to longing in an arena instead of a round pen, although we had a couple 'I'm gonna swap leads and I'm outta here' moments... Luckily Mom is quick and smart... and the few extra pounds are working with me for a change on this one and he learned that's not acceptable!

The surcingle has been back on, the saddle has been back on, his new bridle is in use (first time with an English bridle... complete with crank nose band and flash).  Tomorrow a rider goes back on... and I'm stuck here working in Montreal!  Oh well, I know he's in excellent hands, and that's what's important.  I can't wait to see him out in the show ring with my trainer, he's such a lovely boy.

We had a long talk about my boy, and contrary to what most trainers do, she wants ME to ride him and take him to FEI level.  She says she's been there and done it, I haven't, and, I bred the bugger, how awesome would that be?!  How many trainers do that?  Most are happy to take your money and ride your horse and make their name.  It was really neat to hear that she thinks he's a bona fide FEI prospect.  I mean *I*think he's amazing, but I'm very biased!

I bought myself another horse too.  I had been riding a friend's horse (took her to Spruce Meadows, I hadn't jumped in 8 years, it was awesome, got to do a victory gallop too... we'll ignore the part that we were a good deal below the metre classes), but Mo, as we call her, lets me do more dressage type stuff.  She's talented as all hell, but very hot.  She's older, was off for a number of years.  She's teeny tiny too, 16hh when she's shod and due for a re-set.  I've worried quite a bit about my size on her, but the kid is solid and I'm well balanced.  So, I give her adequan, ride to my best ability and am trying to get pounds off, not just for her, but so I can ride my boy.  She's fun, she may never be able to show, because stringing movements together just gets her hotter and hotter, but we'll see.  I'll be busy with Havoc if she stays home anyway.

It will be interesting to see how 2014 shakes out...

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Comment by Jackie Cochran on January 29, 2014 at 8:47am

I'm glad you are back blogging here!

May everything go well with Havoc.

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